Offers Valentine's Day-Themed Virtual Gifts Offers Valentine's Day-Themed Virtual Gifts

CAMPBELL, Calif. — is offering special Valentine’s Day-themed virtual gifts so members can lavish models with roses, sexy lingerie, champagne and more.

“Valentine’s Day is a busy time for, and we want to give members a chance to show their favorite performers how much they’re appreciated,” said Scott Thompson, director of product marketing for parent company FriendFinder Networks.

“Our models tend to have a very special relationship with their fans, so it’s a great way for them to connect on a day when everyone could use a little extra love.”

Thompson said that models love it when members send a seasonal virtual gift when they’re using the site’s revolutionary Buzzmode feature, which gives members the power to buzz a wearable vibrator on the model every time they tip.

The combination of the two guarantees a mutually satisfying experience for both parties, he said.

“Valentine’s Day can get pretty expensive between dinner, movies and everything else that goes along with it. This option is way more affordable, and you still get to spend time with the model of your dreams. Plus you know exactly how the date is going to end,” said Steve Hamilton, model manager for provides customers, affiliate marketers, and performers with a state-of-the-art platform powered by Streamray, the live cams division of FriendFinder Networks.