After Abstinence Bill, xHamster Reroutes Utahns to Sex-Ed Site

After Abstinence Bill, xHamster Reroutes Utahns to Sex-Ed Site

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah legislators on Wednesday voted for abstinence-only education, prompting xHamster to respond with a statement saying that it is rerouting all traffic from Utah to its YouTube sex-ed series, The Box.

The official statement from xHamster is below:

“Today, the Utah legislature voted against comprehensive sex-ed in schools in favor of abstinence education. Ironically, over the past few years, politicians in the state have also waged a war on porn, worried that it provides inauthentic views of sexuality.

"We’ve come up with a solution that we will hopefully satisfy them on both fronts. Beginning immediately, we’re rerouting all xHamster traffic from Utah to our comprehensive sex ed series, The Box. We’ve been working on The Box since last year, producing videos based on questions submitted by porn viewers. 

"While we love porn, we don’t think that it should be relied on for sex-ed any more than ‘Star Wars’ is a substitute for science class. 

"Utahns consume the most porn per capita of any state in the nation. Let’s see if we can turn the thirstiest state in the nation into the most sexually aware."