NakedSword Originals Unveils 'Ultra Fan'

NakedSword Originals Unveils 'Ultra Fan'

SAN FRANCISCO — 2017 XBIZ Gay Studio of the Year NakedSword Originals has announced the release of their newest series “Ultra Fan,” which is now available for scene download at

Written and directed by Falcon Studios exclusive Brent Corrigan, “Ultra Fan” features Corrigan, Calvin Banks, Jack Hunter, Sean Duran, Dominic Pacifico and Dorian Ferro.

In “Ultra Fan,” Corrigan plays an adult star that has not performed in years, and instead finds himself doing a webcam show. Little does he know that a twisted ultra fan has scandalous material that they intend to use in order to blackmail him and hijack his live show. A series of orchestrated events go from mild to wild to downright twisted and dangerous, all in an attempt to force Corrigan back into the adult film business. 

"This was the most intense and creative production I've ever done in adult media,” Corrigan said. “A big piece of my personal story or perspective gets put into every film I make. They tell us to ‘write what you know.’ A good storyteller connects to the emotional content and shares their unique view of life. That looks different for everyone. 

“In the case of ‘Ultra Fan,’ the concept came about a couple years ago when I returned to adult but struggled to get my groove back,” he continued. “I think I was screaming for a sort of Superman, if you will. It turned out that I needed to find my own way in order to genuinely feel reconnected to the adult industry. ‘Ultra Fan’ is the product of that becoming a reality for me today.

"I'm thrilled with the final product of this feature,” he finished. “It's the commitment and support from the Falcon Studios Group and their production team (Kent, Scott, Max, Pam and D.P.) that truly makes this project the creative success it is."

This is the first adult feature that Corrigan has directed in seven years. He has also directed two non-adult features in the past and plans on doing more projects of this capacity in the future.

"Brent Corrigan is a superstar in every sense of the word,” said Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network. “Not only does he look better than ever, but he's also more creative than ever. ‘Ultra Fan’ is a perfect example of that and he shines on every level, from the direction, to his performances, to the storytelling. ‘Ultra Fan’ is a fresh, unique gay adult feature that will attract a lot of attention from many different circles. We look forward to working with Brent well into the future."

For more information, follow Corrigan on Twitter.