PimpRoll Offers Promo With New Wankz App

PimpRoll Offers Promo With New Wankz App

AMSTERDAM — The PimpRoll affiliate network announced today that the new Wankz app is now available for promotion with a $40 PPS or 75 percent revshare payout on all sales generated from now until Feb. 15.

The Wankz app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and the Wankz.com website includes $1 trials for 4K content.

“We have been evolving Wankz for some time now and have continued to refine all aspects of the site’s content to fit the specific feedback of our customers and affiliates,” said Bradley of Wankz.com.

“The decision by Apple to exclude adult content from its app store has left an important hole in the marketplace, and Wankz is all about filling holes to satisfy adult video fans.

“That’s why we are proud to announce the new Wankz app, and are offering it as a way to get access to all the best, HD 4K content right from the home screen of any mobile device.”

Bradley said that it only takes a few clicks to add an affiliate app tab to mobile site with the promo tools available in the PimpRoll.com network affiliate area, and app based signups are proving to have high retention rates for affiliates.

“We rolled out the $40 PPS/75 percent revshare offer and intended to do a short run to spark affiliate attention, but it’s been so successful for the Wankz brand that we decided to extend the offer so more of our traffic partners can profit from the launch of the new Wankz app,” Phil from PimpRoll said.

“Customers get enhanced usability and convenience inside the app while accessing all of the premium HD and 4K content available inside it, while affiliates cash in on better retention and mobile conversion ratios than ever.”

Phil said that the Wankz app is not available on iTunes due to the mature content it includes.

“It is only available at Wankz.com/app, and it represents a unique opportunity for affiliates looking to monetize mobile traffic without the enormous traffic leaks designed into app store platforms by Google and Apple,” he said.

“This is a stand-alone product with leak-free landing pages capable of converting your traffic at the highest EPC of any adult app ever produced. Try it and see the results for yourself right now.”

To learn more about the new app or to download it, click here.