HuffPo: Angie Rowntree Talks Sex Workers' Rights, Women's March

HuffPo: Angie Rowntree Talks Sex Workers' Rights, Women's March

LOS ANGELES — As the "Women's March on Washington" inspired millions of protesters nationwide to advocate for a diverse array of progressive issues, making their voices heard by the new presidential administration, founder Angie Rowntree penned a Huffington Post article calling for better inclusion of sex workers' rights.

The groundbreaking creator of the "porn for women" site examined how society has come a long way in accepting female consumption of erotic media, celebrating women as sexual subjects and not merely objects.

"Today... recognition is quite different in the adult industry, and on Thursday January 12, XBIZ honored with a tremendous award — Adult Site of the Year for Women," she wrote. "On the heels of being honored as a women’s space by one of the most respected B2B community organizations in porn, one might guess that overarching attitudes about women’s sexual subjectivity have changed."

However, she pointed out that there was some vacillating from the Women's March organizers when it came to including sex workers' rights on the agenda, with a "twice-revised statement" that ultimately resulted in a "muddled understanding of sexual exploitation and sex work." The statement ended up reading, "We stand in solidarity with the sex workers’ rights movement. We recognize that exploitation for sex and labor in all forms is a violation of human rights." 

In light of this blurring, Rowntree expressed that "even though the organizers may not be ready to embrace it, the Women’s March on Washington is as much for sex workers and pornographers as it is for every other person." 

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