Studio 20 Tour Dazzles XBIZ 2017 Attendees

Studio 20 Tour Dazzles XBIZ 2017 Attendees

LOS ANGELES — Studio 20 owner Mugur Frunzetti welcomed XBIZ 2017 attendees aboard a packed neon-lit party bus Monday afternoon, for an enlightening behind-the-curtains glimpse of his highly successful cam studio venture.

With half a dozen Studio 20s in Romania, from Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest Unirii, Frunzetti recently set his sights on the U.S. in a bold bid to become an international power player. He planted strong roots in L.A., the heart of adult entertainment, and the cam models just keep on coming... thanks in large part to Studio 20’s robust suite of profit-boosting model services.

Esteemed guests spilled out of the vehicle upon arrival, eager to glean the secrets to Frunzetti’s high-end franchise, in an exclusive tour of his L.A. property. With a sweep of his hands and a broad smile, Frunzetti asked for everyone to please speak quietly once they entered the building, so as not to disturb the working cam models — lest their enthusiastic customers hear a commotion in the background.

“We will divide into two groups,” he said. “Half of us will go into the cafeteria and get drunk.” Everyone laughed. “While the others will visit the studio, and then we will switch.” He offered to answer questions, prompting one attendee to jokingly ask if the Cristal champagne would be chilled. Mugur chuckled good-naturedly, promising plenty of savory wine, ice-filled buckets of beer and delicious lush red cupcakes. He certainly made good on those promises.

Once inside the immaculately maintained facility, guests were greeted by the charismatic Studio 20 L.A. manager Nicole Selsor. She introduced everyone to the attentive support staff, all of whom were happily clacking away on their keyboards, monitoring camera feeds and ensuring maximum comfort for the cam models and their discerning clientele.

Each of the pristine ivory walls in the labyrinthine hallways was etched in gorgeous red lettering, sporting encouraging quotes like “Your smile is the sexiest curve on your entire body,” “Be refined, polite and well-spoken,” “No one can make you feel inferior without their permission,” “Be the flame and not the moth” and “A woman will never be equal to a man. She will always be one step in front of him.” Dozens upon dozens of these uplifting messages set the tone throughout Studio 20 L.A., fostering a supremely classy, loving and nurturing environment for the cam models.

Selsor guided the pleasantly bewitched XBIZ 2017 travelers to numerous gorgeously furnished rooms, offering insights into their varied designs and customized offerings.

“This is more of our kinky room,” she said, entering a sultry bedroom replete with fine upholstery and colorful fabrics. “It has our signature red look, which most of our studios have.”

Next, she motioned onlookers to their nubile-themed area. “This is our lovely little girl room,” Selsor explained. It had a warm and inviting ambience, with plush stuffed animals, comfy fixtures and a large teddy bear. There was also a very fancy camera situated by the wall, which she said was a high-tech swiveling cam that offered 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

“Not all websites use it yet,” she pointed out. “We’re one of the first studios to use it. You’re able to zoom in, zoom out, so when the cam models put on a show, they’re able to smoothly move the camera remotely. It’s an amazing camera. You can tell the difference between this camera and the rest.”

A guest asked if Studio 20 works with one particular streaming provider, to which Selsor replied that they partner with multiple providers. “We work with the girl, first and foremost,” she said. “They go through training first. It’s not like we just put them in a room and say ‘Go!’ We sit down, they go through the sites and they get to pick them. We don’t pick it for them. They have to want to be on that site. Some girls don’t want to be tipped. Some are more private. But we work with all the main sites. We’re not exclusive to any one provider. Some girls don’t come to us as a non-cam model, so they might say ‘I’m not working with that site.'"

Next, Selsor opened the door to an elegant room bedecked with gilded lamps, fine white sheets, ornate covers and polished wood dressers. “This is the kind of room more of our mature models use,” she said. “Models choose which rooms they want and their different shifts, because we’re open 24/7. Models work eight hours, like any other full-time job. They also have set schedules, like ‘regular’ jobs. Then, the models split profits with company. Studio 20 gives all models a contract. They get paid every two weeks. We had one model last month make $45,000.”

The tour then delved into a business-like office, with dark green walls, a gold-tiled ceiling, a burgundy leather sofa and scholarly bookshelves. “This room,” she elucidated, pointing to the peculiar camera arrangement near to the floor, “is set up this way because there’s a fetish model who works here, that is a dominant. And, she likes to look down on people, visually. So, it’s set up for her right now.”

Nearby, there was a glossy showering section, with glistening glass panes and shining faucets. “The girls can put on bathtub shows and even work with other colleagues in here,” Selsor said. “We have housekeepers that come in all day long and keep everything clean. It has to be. No one wants to work in a dirty place. And this is one of our models’ favorite rooms. They use this room like an hour a day.”

Not too far away, was a Las Vegas room. “You don’t really have to go to Vegas, you can be here,” she jested. “The models start here, on this round seat, and once the more private show starts, they’re able to pull these aside and dance on the pole.” She parted the round lounge-like sofa to reveal an exotic dancer pole in the center.

“We get models all the time that used to cam from home, because one of the problems they experience at home is the internet’s not fast enough,” Selsor offered, when a guest asked what the benefits of working for Studio 20 are. “We give them hairdressers and makeup artists. We do photo shoots. They get a personal website. We give them personal shoppers. In return, we split 50/50 with them.

“We actually had a model who used to rent a hotel to do her camming, but in the long run, Studio 20 was much better financially,” she continued. “You don’t have to Motel 6 it. We have in-house web designers too, not third parties. So, once you’re making $500-1000 a day, most of these models don't want to take off the five days a week they work. They can switch their schedule around if they want, tell their customers what days are ideal, but for the most part they stick to a regular routine.”

Passing by the cafeteria, the first tour group waved at the now buzzed second group, eyeing which snacks and booze they would partake in at the conclusion of the initial tour.

“So, this is our Moroccan room,” Selsor remarked, at the subsequent stop. “It’s a floating bed that hangs. The models love this room. It’s different.” Exotic materials and unique lamps populated the Moroccan room, evoking a distinct vibe.

And, for the grand finale, Selsor ended the tour at a California-themed room with surfboards, a crashing wave backdrop and cabana-esque paraphernalia. “This is the one and only room that is exclusively found at Studio 20 L.A.,” she explained. “This is our special California room. So, you’ll never see this particular style anywhere else.”

As the first group returned to the cafeteria, Selsor had to split the remaining guests into two additional groups, given how many XBIZ 2017 attendees there were. It was at this time, that Mugur offered a few words of wisdom.

“Everything is going well, now that we’ve been open six months,” he told XBIZ. “Models have been coming since day one, and it’s not easy to train them, but there’s more every month. Nicole is our manager and Devious Angel is one of our best, most experienced models we have. She’s a very good role model for the models, because she makes a lot of money without necessarily doing any kind of porn.”

While Angel is a veteran cam model who serves as essentially a brand ambassador for Studio 20, one of their aspiring new models is Rosie Blake. The tattooed vixen shared her own experiences with Studio 20. “I want to become a top cam model,” Blake enthused. “I dream about it! So, when I turned 18, I joined Studio 20 L.A. Reading about Studio 20 and their glamorous, professional approach made me feel more comfortable and willing to try.

“I have now done five months of camming and I feel happier than ever,” she giddily added. “I’m already selling $10,000 a month and working with people that are always there for me. I feel my dream will come true. I know I can be the next XBIZ winner and I’ll work hard to get there. One piece of advice I have for all the girls out there is to go for your dreams!”

Once all of the tours came to an end, the XBIZ 2017 attendees grouped up for a photo in front of Studio 20. The camaraderie was palpable on the bus ride back to the Andaz, as savvy entrepreneurs of all stripes discussed the marvels and ingenuity they witnessed at the world class cam studio. Many shook Mugur's hand with gratitude and respect, congratulating him for achieving such tremendous success and providing a stable environment in which cam models can take their career to the next level.