Attorney Maxine Lynn Launches Blog on Sex, Tech and the Law

Attorney Maxine Lynn Launches Blog on Sex, Tech and the Law

CHICAGO — Unzipped Media has announced the launch of intellectual property attorney Maxine Lynn’s blog Unzipped at

The blog will focus on sex, technology and legal matters. Lynn, based in Chicago, is with the firm Keohane & D’Alessandro.

“In a world where sex devices like remote-controlled dildos and ultra-lifelike sex dolls and VR porn are exploding out from the underground and into bedrooms around the globe, Lynn is launching a blog and podcast to explore the intersections of sex, technology and the law,” a spokesperson said. 

Simultaneously, Lynn will host the podcast “Unzipped: The Business of Sex” at

"As the host, I’ll draw on my expertise in technology and law, as well as my experience in just being human,” Lynn said. "For example, we’ll explore the impact of high-tech sex and porn technologies simply from a human perspective. What will sex look like in ten years, or 20? How will humans interact with one another in the bedroom? Or even will they? Will new technologies make sex with human partners obsolete?"

In addition, Lynn’s Unzipped Media is rolling out the bulletin Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX at The bulletin will feature statistics relating to patents on sex toys, condoms, and other sexual aids and provide links to newly issued sex tech patents, along with categorizations and summary information.

“A patent index may not be as exciting as a new sex toy or genre of porn, but for the adult industry, it is every bit as important,” Lynn said. “Hard information and stats about new sex technologies are available at the bulletin, with related topics and analyses on the blog and podcast. Together, they put the state of this booming industry at a user’s fingertips.”

For more information on Lynn, follow her on Twitter.


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