Princess of Darkness Katrina Jade Is an Original Gangster

Princess of Darkness Katrina Jade Is an Original Gangster

LOS ANGELES — Beware, all ye bandwagon jumpers, ye unoriginal trend slaves and ye scraggly-jawed hipsters. Open those squinty eyes, ye sunset-blinded horizon chasers.

There's a new breed of gunslinger in town...

...and Katrina Jade hasn't even begun to shoot up the place.

You think you've got a handle on this kind of pistol-whipping, mobster slickness?

She’s an original gangster. Takes one to know one. And copycats with a rep for hasty mimicry, for showing up late to the innovation party, for mad dashes to the printing press lest quality trump their quantity, needn’t apply. Adios, muchachos.

Welcome to the United States of Jade. The Wild fuckin’ West.

Real villains know she's the true blood, the X-business power player. Illuminati status. Not that backwater showtime slot, that hard-to-find-on-Hulu side reel, dealing dusty cards in some “hard rock” school of hard knocks. This is the Midwest Mafia version of Vegas, baby. The Chicago way. And nobody is untouchable.

Eliot Ness? Old news. Like so many golden age relics, the fossils can barely stay bronze these days. Sure, they’re still putt-putting about, but soon they’ll be sleeping with the fishes, courtesy of cement shoes. The establishment? Six feet under. Mack the Knife has arrived, and the pinstriped gloves are off.

Speaking of knives, Jade likes to stick ‘em in the ribs. Like this pen to the page. Spilled ink or spilled blood, she's got your number... tracing chalk outlines with a Tommy Gun.

She even has an axe-wielding Viking madman at her side… the gentleman barbarian Nigel Dictator... who happily serves up his hotwife to the highest bidders. And while the Jade lady might play the "Slut" so appropriately carved on her right ass cheek, she'll never confuse the flash for the cash. She’s the black widow behind the tatted web on her face.

She’s a street fighter. A hustler. A killer, on the loose. And the flies in their cocoons, thinking they’re destined to be monarchs, are soon to scream. There are tombstones with their names on the reservation list.

See, after scalping a 2016 XBIZ Best New Starlet nomination, Jade slayed and slayed and slayed all year long, with high-profile titles for every studio imaginable. On Aug. 8, she was crowned the 2016 Adult Empire Girl, following in the footsteps of 2016 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Dani Daniels. One month later, on Sept. 8, XBIZ welcomed her to the DTLA headquarters, amidst a cityscape filled with towering skyscrapers, for a rare feature article.

After an in-depth interview, Jade racked up a thousand-plus Twitter likes for the scantily-clad photo she took on the back stairs. Public nudity and rabid social media action. Two of her calling cards. Aces!

Bullets. Like the ones in Fargo.

Then, while other industry plow horses slowly lumbered to the waking realization that Jade was on the rise, XBIZ patiently watched. Bided its time. As she nailed a 2017 XBIZ Performer of the Year nomination, it became clear… that such a dark legend deserves to be center stage at this year’s awards show… on the opening two-page spread in the most glorious of January issues.

Her words were saved and savored like autumn-aged liquor, for an epic print edition unveiling at the main event, when industry kingpins clink glasses and party hard with the hardcore XBIZ 2017 royalty. After all, the show must go on and when it does, it’s the show horse that’s most remembered at the end of the day. Long after the moldering mule goes back to grazing in the fields of Chatsworth. Chew on that.

And now, bite down on this vampiric feast, my fellow #KJVillains. Her neck is exposed. So is everything else. Because, this ain’t Lestat. It’s fuckin’ Dracula. Nosferatu. Lucifer. Hail to his finest succubus. Hail to Her Infernal Majesty.

XBIZ: Tell us about your earliest days in porn. What inspired you to pursue such a career? Have your ambitions grown these past few years?

Katrina Jade: I initially wanted to do porn to have safe sex, in the sense that I really wanted to experience BDSM in a controlled environment, because I didn’t really know much about it.  And we already had a fan base, so we just kind of rolled with it. We’re like “oh, we’re actually pretty good at doing this and people like it.” Nigel had a Tumblr and we posted a lot of our life on it. It wasn’t strategic at all, it was just us fucking around and him posting pictures of my pussy and creampies, basically the same thing as now, but amateur. It was way more raw and dirty. Then, I saw and I was like “ooo” I want to try that stuff, because people were suspended from ropes and there was crazy water stuff. Things you can’t do at home. So, we talked about it and I was like “hey, I want to try this, what do you think?” And he was like okay, get more information and figure it out.

At the time, we lived up north, so Kink was a hop, skip and a jump away. So, I just went there and I really liked it. I mean, it’s not something I could do every single day, for healing purposes and all that, it’s demanding. When you go through chemical drops and everything, I couldn’t do it every day. But that’s basically why I started doing porn. I mean, we were already having sex with people. It wasn’t like “I’m going to go be a hoe for camera,” because I was already hoeing. People liked us and told us we’d be good at it, so we’re like, okay! So it turned into a business, and now I really care about my career, rather than before, when I didn’t think about it as a “career.”

Over the years, I’ve definitely learned a lot more about my body because porn is so much more demanding. Basically, everything is totally different. You have sex with people who are way more experienced, rather than in civilian life, where you’re all just kind of playing around, seeing how things work out. I feel like I’ve also learned a lot more about my sexual personality. It was a gradual progression and I bounced back and forth. Now, I really want to be successful. Obviously, having sex is my number one thing. If I’m not enjoying having sex with people in porn, then I will not want to do it.

My main ambition, honestly, is to get as big as possible, and to grow as much as possible. Like, I don’t want to stay in one spot, you know, or fade. It’s not like fame, it’s more about money. I want to build the fan base as much as possible because it affects our income too, but also… it means more sex! And at the same time, I get to have more forms of sex I haven’t done yet. Because, Nigel’s behind the camera and it goes both ways. I have no idea how to fucking use a camera, so if I have an image in my head, I’m like “hey, how do we do this.” It’s like sexual fantasies you have in your own head and you can bring them to life.

Nigel Dictator: We’ve been gearing up for production for a really long time and now we’re getting to the final stages. Like a lot of people start out with crap, have a clips store and use their iPhone. I mean, it’s a good look and it sells too, but we want to do that on just a bigger scale. We started our own productions. I’m in talks with another partner and we just bought five 4K cameras and pro lighting. So now, we want to translate my “black candi” look, the darkness and edgier stuff, to video.

Jade: Which is why we don’t have a website yet.

Dictator: The only thing she’s doing is we do custom videos and they’re pretty pricy. We have people who privately bought them, but that’s all. We’re trying to keep that exclusivity because people ask all the time “why don’t you have a clips store?” Well, we don’t want to put out 500 clips and blow out every aspect of our stuff when we can save it and up the production value. It’s just black candi for now, because that’s like our corporation, she’s Katrina Jade incorporated and I’m black candi incorporated.

Jade: We bought all the domains just in case, like nobody else can have this!

Dictator: Yeah, we’re just gearing up for that and doing solid, quality products. Projects that appeal, that grow our huge fan base — we had like 30,000 Tumblr followers before she shot her first porno — and that amateur look with just, a professional layer to it. A shine to it. But still the grungy, dirty shit.

Jade: Cause it is!

Dictator: Cause it is! Keeping it barely legal. Like with the public indecency stuff, the best story is this: We never had an issue, we’ve been shooting public nudity since before everything. So for two-and-a-half years she did the butt-naked in Walmart photos, and all those things that you see, well, none of it’s planned. And that’s why, when people ask me to recreate it, it’s super hard to do, because it’s all spur of the moment. If a girl says “can we do public nudity?” I’m like you’ve got to hang out with us all day, cruise around and look for an opportunity. I went out with Jenna Ashley and we had zero opportunity, we got like three pictures because everything was jammed up, traffic was like, a waste of the day, so there’s really no way to plan that stuff. Forgot where I was going with this, oh yeah, the story!

The only time we ever had anything happen with the law was about a-year-and-a-half ago. We were on an overpass in Santa Monica, the freeway overpass, like fourth or fifth street, and I was like “lemme get a picture real quick” so I had her pull down her pants to her ankles. She’s sticking her butt way out and I was like “just look over the overpass like you’re staring at cars.” And I’m shooting down the sidewalk, her profile, and as I’m looking… this cop is making a left-hand turn off the freeway and coming towards us! She has no panties, her pussy is out and he honks twice, slows down, rolls down the window, does a “no-no” finger and points. And I’m super nervous, thinking he’s gonna hit the lights and she’s pulling up her pants, but he just keeps going. And, everyone who knows this spot, knows the Santa Monica police department is right across the street, but we had no idea! So, that was the only time we’d ever come close to having police interaction. I mean, in L.A. sometimes you don’t see a cop for three days because it’s a huge city. If we were in a small ass town or something, it’d be really glaring. But in L.A., we always look over our shoulders and in everything we do, we make sure there’s nothing happening in front of kids. More than the cops, we look to make sure there aren’t any kids.

Jade: Even 17-year-olds, I’m like hmmm, you look underage!

Dictator: Thing is, in New York City, it’s legal to be topless. And we don’t ever do sexual stuff in public. We don’t have her fingerbanging herself. And that’s another thing coming up in our features is… we did a little thing in Times Square that was super cool. It’s not a scene or anything, but it was fun.

Jade: Got some lady whispering under her breath “ugh, what’re you doing?” and I’m like “you’re in New York honey.”

XBIZ: What was it like being named 2016 Adult Empire Girl, following in the footsteps of last year’s Empire Girl, 2016 XBIZ Performer of the Year Dani Daniels? Can you give us a thematic preview of your showcase?

Jade: I honestly didn’t think I was going to win. I mean, there are so many popular girls that were on there and new girls that were just blowing it out of the water already. I wanted it. I really wanted it. And then, he actually saw the email before I did. I was asleep, face down, knocked out and he’s like babe! Babe! I’m like “meh? What?” And when I woke up two hours later, it’s like “did I really win?” I was really kind of shocked in a way. I didn’t really have any thought process because fucking Dani Daniels, those are some big shoes to fill! And I love her too. But it’s kind of nerve-wracking because I’ve never had an actual showcase, so it was two things in one. My first showcase and I actually won a thing, a big thing. It’s like my ultra baby. So now, it’s kind of like between “I need to grab it and take control of it” or “I’m just going to sit here and be scared to touch it.” Like buying a brand new car.

Dictator: Colin, who’s the vice president of Adult Empire, and then Megan, their PR person, got in touch with me. Because, they’ve only done a few showcases, with Missy Martinez, Megan Rain and with Dani Daniels, their first Empire Girl. When they did “Fucked Ra” for Missy, Colin actually contacted me, reached out to me randomly. I’d never spoken to him before. This was way, way long ago. He asked me to shoot the box cover for it, because he liked my style. He wanted fucking explosions and I don’t do graphic design but I’m really proficient with Photoshop, so I can make a car on fire if you want, or whatever the case. I take one of my photos and do all kinds of crazy shit. And Colin really liked this photo set I did of her, at this abandoned area where she had these red contacts and a knife and looked all crazy. And he wanted something like that, that was his reference photo, to be for the cover of her movie.

It didn’t work out because she changed it, ended up going with Robby D. directing it, a little softer, so when Katrina Jade won… Colin was excited, talked to me and said “we’ll do video production with you” and I was like “well, I haven’t started professional video productions, I wouldn’t want to helm something like that.” With budgets and knowing the industry and all, I’m aware of my skill level. But, since David Lord is a good friend of mine and he’s a director who’s been in the industry for 12-15 years, I contacted him about co-producing and directing it. We submitted budgets and stuff and we’re going to do the exact opposite of what Holly Randall did for Dani. Not in a bad way, no negativity, but he just said we’ve had these “pretty” things, and now we want to take it and do all these filthy, disgusting, you know, hardcore things. And use her ideas for the movie obviously. But we’ll have a lot of public nudity, music video stuff, really cool montages and shit like that. That’s why it’s going to be different… not some four-scene thing where it’s just “skip to the next thing.” You’re going to put this on, push play and hopefully it’ll visually stun you. It’s going to be a big movie, a lot of talent, production costs and stuff… with four scenes that she’s never shot before and possibly a fifth bonus.

XBIZ: You’ve cultivated a very passionate and active following on social media. What is your overall strategy? Are you just hilariously raw or is there a bit of subtle calculation?

Jade: The first six to eight months, when I started, every person was telling me “you can’t say the things you say on Twitter… you can’t keep getting tattoos… you can’t put your husband on there, you have to pretend to be single.” Basically “stop being your whole existence” and then become “the porn star.” And I was just like “we’re not doing any of that.” It wouldn’t make sense because we already had a fan base. So if we put it out there, we’d just be fake and then our original fans wouldn’t migrate. I’d tell these people “you don’t understand, we already have a fan base, so we’re feeding that and just growing that, like pouring water on it.”

We blend both rawness and calculation.  A lot of it is just raw, and not giving a fuck, but then at some point, you kind of have to watch what you say. Also, it’s like keeping in contact with the fans and staying active with them. Listening to what they have to say, what they want. It sounds so fucking cliché and I hate it but you’re literally nothing without them. Nobody is anything without fans who love them. Or else, who’s going to buy your shit? If you ignore your fans, it’s kind of like a slap in their face, like you’re not taking your career very seriously, and you’re not appreciating it. But a lot of it is, we don’t post the crazy shit just to post crazy shit to see what people say. I just really don’t give a fuck. We take polls and see what people have to say, but you know what they love, so you’ve got to give back a little.

Dictator: We definitely know what her fans like and we touch upon that. Don’t take everything literally on there, though. Like, a lot of directors who know us, producers who know us, know that there’s a certain amount of showmanship and fantasy. “Erotic literature” that goes on, that fans love. 

Jade: And a lot of it is just funny too. The shit that’s way off the rails is funny. It’s not real.

Dictator: But then, you hear rumors, and everybody loves her that knows her. But, there are rumors of people saying “I won’t let my boyfriend work with her because she seems dirty.” Those people make me laugh, because it’s like, what, you won’t go camping either because you think a slasher is going to come out at night?

Jade: I don’t want nobody’s piece of shit man, I got my own. I don’t have time for this shit. A lot of it’s very small-minded, a lot of insecurity that girls think “oh, she’s a real whore, and my man will want her more than me,” or some other thing, I don’t fucking know. Or like “I don’t want him to be around a whore,” but it’s like, “we’re all hoes!” Cause some girls are catty, crazy and are like “oh, if I can fuck your man, look at me.” But really, nobody gives a shit, because my man fucks everybody! Haha. A lot of girls are not real whores. They’re whores for money or for cameras, but when they see somebody that’s like “oh, she actually enjoys sex” it’s disgusting. I’m not going to go on my Twitter and be like, “well, I have to watch what I say.” I don’t need fake friends. My “Slut” tattoo is earned.

Dictator: Everything is safe, though. Like, one time, we put together a video clip of a train at my house… with just friends. And people would be like “oh, that’s gross!” But everyone’s tested, you know what I mean? She was blindfolded and stuff, but I put it together. We’re not dumb, we’re not taking any risks.

Jade: Like, there’s people who go out clubbing and party, hanging out with some dude who’s got coke and then they don’t remember shit. They get chlamydia and gonorrhea, but then they judge someone who puts their life out in the open. But, do you even know if I’m tested? No you don’t, but meanwhile, you’re going to a club and fucking a guy because you think they’re “adorbs,” like he’s got abs or something. I’m a whore? Yeah, but I’m not catching that shit you are. I’m safe. I’ve never caught anything, even when I’ve had time off and had to get retested to go back to work. I’ve never caught anything.

XBIZ: Any mainstream sources of inspiration that influence your sexual craft? What’s your fascination with Lucifer?

Jade: I’m actually a really nice person. Like what do you think, I’m running around with a baseball bat or stabbing people every day? Haha. Maybe.

Dictator: She’s actually wearing a Lucifer hoodie. It’s not like we’re actually psycho Satanists.

Jade: There’s a difference. We do not literally worship any deity, at all. A lot of people may or may not know there is atheistic Satanism and theistic Satanism. I don’t believe there is a Satan. But, there’s a way of living rebelliously and I think a lot of people don’t know, they have their own little commandments, but it’s not a rulebook to live by. It’s just more like “don’t fucking kill anybody,” “don’t do to other people what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.” Basically “be a good human being, but also… fuck religion.” A lot of people are like “oh, bless you” and I’m like “oh, don’t say that shit.” I know they’re being nice and kind-hearted but I’m like “you’re really insulting me!” I cannot stand any form of religion. At all. I cannot stand it. If I’m near it, I’m like immediately going in the other way. I hate it. But also, I really love dark stuff, like our whole house is black, covered in dragons and gargoyles. I love shit like that and I aspire to be like Morticia.

Dictator: Yah, we’re basically the Addams Family.

Featured image courtesy of AE Films and black candi.