Greg Lansky to Deliver Digital Media Keynote at XBIZ 2017

Greg Lansky to Deliver Digital Media Keynote at XBIZ 2017

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce that Greg Lansky, the chief creative officer of, and, will deliver the digital media keynote for XBIZ 2017, in a special Q&A session with XBIZ editor Alejandro Freixes.

Lansky reigns as an undisputed master of filmmaking, having led an adult content renaissance over the past three years. With an iconoclastic commitment to pristine visual fidelity and high-end production values, he brazenly ventured into previously uncharted territory, staking a nigh-unassailable position in the market. Even during the peak of DVD-centric profits, Lansky championed web-based video distribution, establishing a firm foundation before tube sites and shifting technology mediums upended the status quo.

So positioned, he swiftly dominated the IR genre with the launch of in 2014, upped the ante by conquering a new niche with in 2015 and dared expand his horizons further with in 2016. Now, he crowns Vixen Angels monthly amidst ceremonial pomp and flamboyant decadence, awarding diamond Tiffany necklaces and red-lacquered Christian Louboutin shoes to those ascending to so coveted a rank.

The sheer spectacle of his creativity is an envelope-pushing event in itself, seamlessly blending L.A. chic with fashion magazine mystique. His visionary valor was profiled on this August and the September issue of XBIZ Premiere celebrated “The Art of XXX” by which he has elevated adult stars and pornography to the heights of bona fide artistry. With a keen eye for brandishing the poetry of sex like a primal force of hardcore sensuality, Lansky continually evolves his brands to such an elite echelon, that they have earned scores of XBIZ Awards and nominations.

“I am very honored to be giving the digital media keynote for XBIZ 2017,” Lansky said. “It’s a unique opportunity to share my vision and some of the knowledge I have acquired building successful brands. I can still remember three years ago when our company was just three people in a small home office. At the time, the market was totally demoralized and most ‘experts’ felt that the paysite model was dead but I disagreed, and I think the first step towards success is learning to listen to yourself and not let the fear of failure manipulate you. We kept growing our company and after a few years our brands quickly turned into a multi-million dollars a year business, employing 70 people around the world and getting over 20 million unique visitors per month.

“I receive a lot of emails from people asking me for business and branding advice, so I am glad I get an opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way, even if it's just for an hour,” he continued. “Brands and paysites are difficult to make, risky and frightening to start, but I’d like to help and inspire others to take that first step and start their brand by creating art, by leading and not by chasing. I also want to talk about the future of the adult industry and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I am a no-nonsense type of person,” Lansky explained. “I am direct, frank and to the point. I am self-taught and I don’t have any fancy degrees but I know how to create successful companies. I enjoy sharing my experiences because I sincerely believe if it can help others to take that first step to create something unique, that will benefit the adult industry collectively. I see the adult performers and the current and future entrepreneurs as the dreamers and innovators that make the adult industry a better place through their businesses and what they create. The faster they can learn how to build success for themselves, the faster they’ll be able to focus their time on making even greater contributions to the adult industry.”

Presented by premier live cam network, XBIZ 2017 takes over West Hollywood’s Andaz hotel from Jan. 9-13 for four action-packed days of unparalleled business opportunities, culminating on Thursday, Jan. 12, with the biggest night in adult entertainment, the 2017 XBIZ Awards show.

Free registration for XBIZ 2017 is available for affiliates, producers and talent, while members qualify for discounted admission.

For event information, visit The Digital Media Keynote will take place Jan. 11, 4-4:50pm in the Panorama Ballroom.