CockyBoys Debuts 1st Part of 'The Stillest Hour'

CockyBoys Debuts 1st Part of 'The Stillest Hour'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys today released the first part of the psychosexual adult thriller, “The Stillest Hour.”

CockyBoys director and CEO Jake Jaxson said the two-part gay porn series “heavily explores the power of perception and reality, as well as relationship power dynamics and roles between gay men in a fresh and unique way.”

With beautiful sets, sharp cinematography and a captivating script, Part 1 also features an explosive sex scene between Colby Keller and Levi Karter, according to Jaxson.

In the first part of the series, Norman (Will Wikle) is a highly committed psychotherapist in New York City whose life, whether he knows it or not, has been reduced to a cyclical pattern of idealistic perfection and strict personal routines.

His professionalism and obsessive habits are soon tested when one of his clients, a headstrong and independent artist (Keller) details — through series of sexually provocative sessions — a budding relationship with an impressionable millennial (Karter) who appears to be stalking him.

When Norman becomes captivated by this power play, the tables are flipped as the boy soon becomes involved in the personal lives of both men.

Jaxson said, "Having been in a 18-year relationship, one thing I have learned is 'What the mind perceives, the mind believes.' And so often, those perceptions are not real. So I stated this film with that concept in mind and in many ways it was mindfuck.”

“We explore the interplay between guys in gay sexual relationships as well as various roles that people play in those relationships involving power and control,” he said.

Part 1 of “The Stillest Hour” is now playing only on