Elevated X Adds Verotel to List of Processors Using VOD Software

Elevated X Adds Verotel to List of Processors Using VOD Software

LOS ANGELES — As it nears the end of the open beta phase of its newly released on-demand content purchasing system, CMS software company Elevated X has added integration of widely used third-party billing provider Verotel to its list of standard video-on-demand inclusions.

“We are excited about the opportunity and believe that a website running Elevated X and VerotelOneClick will blow the conversion rates off the charts,” said Jason Collins from Verotel Merchant Services.

“We are so confident in Elevated X that we are willing to waive all up-front costs associated with not only the Verotel account setup, but also the annual fees to the card schemes,” he said.

Verotel is now fully integrated for quick and easy plug-and-play use for clip store owners and digital content sellers who want to accept payments for on-demand content purchasing, Collins said.

Site operators can use Verotel to process payments for online streaming video rentals, pay-per- view and pay-per-download transactions with buy-now buttons and shopping cart purchase options to support multiple content sale site formats and business models.

“We’re excited to be working with Verotel and to add them to the growing list of popular adult payment processors supported out-of-the-box by the Elevated X CMS software’s VOD platform,” Elevated X CEO AJ Hall said.

The addition of Verotel is part of Elevated X’s initiative to provide paysite owners with more billing choices, especially those looking to make the leap from using hosted, percentage based revshare clip-sale sites to running their own clip stores or iTunes business model paysites.

For any Elevated X CMS software user signing up with Verotel Basic with no sales volume requirements, Verotel is offering to waive its annual fee of €500.

For Elevated X users with minimum sales of €1,000/weekly to qualify, Verotel will waive its annual fee in addition to offering a -7 percent all-inclusive processing rate for six months, totaling a 50 percent discount off standard processing rates. Interested users can contact Collins at jason@verotel.com to take advantage of this offer.

For more information about the three-time XBIZ award-winning paysite software company, including a full list of features and a live VOD demo, go to ElevatedX.com.