Releases 'The Crucible' Sex Satire Releases 'The Crucible' Sex Satire

SAN FRANCISCO — today released ”The Crucible Parody Gangbang,” an erotic satire of Arthur Miller’s 1953 allegory of McCarthyism. 
For director Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, reinterpreting the play in sexual context was a way to address recent conservative hysteria around adult material.
“Donald Trump says that he intends to bring back obscenity prosecutions and to shut down on sexual speech,” Marlowe said. “I’ve watched as he’s appointed censors, homophobes and hatemongers to his cabinet and transition team.

“While porn may seem an unlikely place for politics, it’s crucial that all of us use whatever platform we have to speak out.”

Marlowe noted that several of Trump’s transition team and cabinet appointees have raised eyebrows for the adult industry, including former Attorney General Edwin Meese, who led the large-scale prosecutions of adult filmmakers in the 1980s; Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, who says porn is to blame for sexual assault; transition team head Ken Blackwell, who believes that pornography is a “plague” not protected by the First Amendment; and Rudy Giuliani, who effectively banned adult businesses in New York City.
“Facing such censorship and oppression, sex becomes a revolutionary act, and sexual speech a political imperative,” Marlowe said. “Censorship is never about porn, it’s about sexuality.”
This isn’t Marlowe’s first fight against a conservative regime.

In June, Marlowe directed the dystopian “Make America Gape Again,” in which a gang of Trumps attack America.

In July, when Republicans added a platform calling internet porn “a public health crisis,” Marlowe worked with to get every Republican delegate a pass to the site.
“Porn isn’t sex ed, but it remains one of the most effective ways to understand the diverse spectrum of sexuality and gender,” Marlowe said. “We like to think that what we do broadens minds, as well as appetites."