WankzVR's 'Baby Got Bach' Stars Alex Blake

WankzVR's 'Baby Got Bach' Stars Alex Blake

AMSTERDAM — WankzVR's latest virtual reality release, "Baby Got Bach," stars porn star Alex Blake.

In "Baby Got Bach," Blake plays a "plucky" 18-year-old piano student who seductively charms her music teacher into having sex with her. VR users play the role of Blake's piano teacher.

"You can make a scene immersive in many ways,” WankzVR spokesman Jack T said. “We try to find out hidden talents of our performers and incorporate them into a scene for that extra layer of authenticity.

“Since Alex plays the role of a novice piano student, it was very fortuitous that she already knew how to play. Her innocent looks combined with her piano naiveté makes this scene extra sexy because the awkward pauses and the fact that she can actually play a few rudimentary songs is all real.

“Fans are going to love this one. This scene hits all the right notes."  

Alex Blake said her piano skills are so “noob” level but, she said, "I remembered how to play 'Chopsticks' and a couple of chords at least.”

“In the scene, I'm not supposed to be all that good but I know just enough to pull off the whole seductive piano student pretty convincingly,” she said. “I loved doing this scene because I've actually always wanted to fuck my piano teacher."

To view a preview of  "Baby Got Bach," click here.