Realty Agents the Focus of Hot House's 'On the Market'

Realty Agents the Focus of Hot House's 'On the Market'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group taps into and shows off the “naughty, secret antics” of real estate agents in Hot House’s “On the Market,” which released today on DVD and for download.

Director Tony Dimarco takes a peek inside a competitive real estate office “where the horny agents never stop cruising for high-intensity hookups.”

The film has a big-ticket cast with Falcon A-Team exclusives Johnny V, JJ Knight, Austin Wolf and Skippy Baxter, plus fan favorites Tegan Zayne, Wesley Woods, Dustin Holloway and Skippy Baxter.

“Making ‘On the Market’ was like making a dirty fantasy come true for the whole cast,” Dimarco said. “We’ve got agents banging their clients, their bosses, even the delivery guy. The tops loved being cocky and assertive, the bottoms loved submitting to the whims of their superiors, and you’re going to love watching them get it on.”

“‘On the Market’ has hot men with attitude who don’t let anything get between them and what they want,” Falcon President Tim Valenti said. “With Tony’s artful direction, a phenomenal cast in peak physical condition, and a sexy real estate office setting, ‘On the Market’ is an instant Hot House classic.’”

The film is available at the Falcon Studios Group store.

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