GameLink Offers Quarterback Tom Brady a Box of Dildos

GameLink Offers Quarterback Tom Brady a Box of Dildos

CYBERSPACE — tonight offered New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a variety pack box of dildos as a token of its support and appreciation to the quarterback after a Buffalo fan threw a dildo on the field near Patriots’ players last Sunday.

The incident took place during the Patriots-Bills game in Buffalo, when a fan threw the item in the direction of the Patriots when the team was driving for another touchdown with 3:32 left in the third quarter. But it hardly rattled the team as New England went on to beat the hometown Bills 41-25.

“We wanted to show Tom Brady how much we appreciated that he overlooked the incident and with his leadership and work led the team to victory,” said Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development and marketing for Eline, which provides management services to

“He showed his humor and good sportsmanship after the game when speaking about the dildo on the field and we truly felt that he deserved getting the very best we have to offer so we’d like to send him a variety pack.”

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