Video: Adult Empire Explains California's Prop 60

Video: Adult Empire Explains California's Prop 60

PITTSBURGH — In the latest example of proactive industry action prior to the November 8 election, Adult Empire (AE) is taking a stand by supporting the “No On Prop 60” movement.

As part of this effort, AE YouTube channel hosts Chelsea and Becky produced a one-minute introductory video that explains California’s Proposition 60, and why the adult industry vehemently opposes it.

A more detailed editorial at AE’s company blog addresses the issue more comprehensively.

“The livelihood of the adult industry is now in the hands of the California voters,” Becky says.

“If Prop 60 passes,” co-host Chelsea adds, “it [will allow] 28 million California residents to file a lawsuit against performers, distributors, cable companies, hotels and any business that makes adult films available for sale or viewing if a condom is not visible in the film.”

Prop 60 requires condom use in all pornographic film shoots within the state, creating privacy, discrimination and harassment for adult performers. As a result, adult film production, which brings millions of dollars to California, will be forced to move its business to a state more accepting of the industry and its revenue dollars.

Chelsea and Becky’s clip drives home the importance of understanding every aspect of the ballot initiative before going to the polls next Tuesday.

“Prop 60 puts the government in your bedroom and hurts the individuals who help get you off,” says Chelsea, “so please look it up, get the facts, get educated and vote no on Prop 60.”

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