Kheper Games Reports Brisk Halloween Sales

Kheper Games Reports Brisk Halloween Sales

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games reports that it is receiving the best customer response to date for its products targeting the Halloween holiday.

According to Kheper Games’ CEO Brian Pellham, within the past year, the company has increased its already extensive line of sexy games to include several items with crossover appeal supporting the Halloween holiday. 

Released before Valentine’s Day last year, the first item was “The Spirits Want You to Have Sex,” which uses a planchette to move around a board of sex positions, with “The Spirits” helping the couple figure out what sex positions to engage in.

In June, Kheper Games released a drinking game version, “The Spirits Want You to Drink Them,” where several people can play, with “The Spirits” revealing the drink assignments, such as “I Never Have…” questions, Category Challenges and a Swearing Competition.

Pellham says that both familiar planchette-styled games have jumped in sales significantly during this Halloween season, in part due to the popular “Ouija: Origin of Evil” movie playing in theaters that is bringing excitement and interest to adult versions of this game concept. 

“We have been very happy with how well we’ve been able to develop new products successfully in this direction for Halloween,” Pellham says. “And of course, a movie doing well at the box office doesn’t hurt either.”

In addition to the “spirit summoning” games by Kheper Games, the company also recently released a “Glow in the Dark Sex” game in time for Halloween. In addition, a line of “pecker,” “boob,” and “booty” inspector badges for costumes, and specialty cups for accessorizing costumes and party themes. 

For example, the Watermelon Cup is great for a hillbilly costume, while the Cactus Cup is a good fit for any Western-themed costume. The Disco Ball Cup enhances disco costumes, and the glow-in-the-dark Toxic Cup is a nice detail for monsters and superheroes.

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