Nutaku Launches Tournament to Win Life-Sized Sex Doll

MONTREAL — Online adult gaming portal Nutaku has announced the start of The Next Level, a tournament in which users will compete to win a life-sized sex doll.

The sex doll will be in the form of Lilith, a character in the game “PeroPero Seduction.'' 

Nutaku said, “’PeroPero Seduction’ is an adult-oriented card battle game focused on sexual seduction. Players explore the streets of Tokyo to develop and master the powers needed to unlock the suppressed desires of the city's inhabitants, while facing off against rival wielders of seduction.”

“The player with the highest score will actually get to ‘score’ with this anatomically correct silicone doll, which they'll be able to take home as their prize,” Nutaku said.

Robert Mann, marketing manager  for Nutaku, said, "Our games deal primarily with seducing anime characters, and many users have told us that they wished that the girls were real. While it sounds like a strange idea, we thought to ourselves, ‘Why not give them what they've been asking for?’"

To launch the campaign, Nutaku has created a video that explains the tournament and features the character Lilith. To view the video, visit YouTube

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