Video: No on Prop 60 Releases 1st Spanish-Language Video

Video: No on Prop 60 Releases 1st Spanish-Language Video

LOS ANGELES — The No on Proposition 60 campaign released its first campaign video targeting Spanish-language voters today.

The video, "Vota No en la Proposición 60,” details problems the law would cause for adult film workers and the broad opposition it faces from major newspapers throughout the state.

If approved by voters, Prop 60 would allow any California resident to sue those involved with an adult film production, including performers, if a condom isn’t visible.

The proposition has been opposed by more than 30 state newspapers, including La Opinión, which published its editorial on Sunday.

The editorial board of La Opinión, the country’s largest Spanish-language daily, joined the opposition, saying the enforcement mechanism “sounds like vigilantism and can easily open actors to abuse and harassment through excessive litigation.”

Prop 60 has been opposed by the California Democratic Party, the California Republican Party, the California Libertarian Party and more than 50 local and issue-based political clubs, as well as the state’s 10 largest newspapers and more than 100 HIV/AIDS organizations, medical groups and civil rights advocates.

Thousands of performers have expressed their opposition to the measure on social media, and by reaching out to voters directly at campuses, farmers’ markets, political rallies and protests.

The Free Speech Coalition reports that recent polling has shown that support for Prop 60 has fallen to just 40 percent as voters learn more about the controversial measure.

“Vota No en la Proposición 60,” which will first be promoted on social media, can be seen here