ModelCentro Announces Halloween Cosplay Giveaway

ModelCentro Announces Halloween Cosplay Giveaway

LOS ANGELES — ModelCentro has announced the launch of its third annual Halloween Cosplay Giveaway, which provides gift card treats to the sexiest cosplay hotties.

This year, the photos will all be shared on ModelCentro and McProfits social media accounts, so affiliates and fans can get a look at their favorites while becoming more familiar with the websites of models worth promoting via MCProfits affiliate accounts.

“The contest is really simple and fun,” explains ModelCentro’s Andrea Fioriniello. “All a ModelCentro model needs to do is follow us, post a naughty photo of yourself in your favorite Halloween costume with a watermark showing your domain name on it, use the hashtag #ModelCentro Halloween, and tag a friend you want to see in their costume.”

“We’ll promote your site using the image in our social media accounts, along with links back to your site, and we’ll also ask MCProfits affiliates to come have a look. Everyone is encouraged to share and post the pics on their social media accounts to support their favorites as well,” Fioriniello adds. “If your ModelCentro site is signed up for promotion via the MCProfits affiliate program, it’s also an awesome way to help newer affiliates become familiar with the best models to promote, and a simple way to help every ModelCentro girl/guy earn even more affiliate traffic.”

“As our special thanks to the Models and Affiliates for participating, we’ll email $100 Amazon gift cards to three models chosen at random, and we’ll be emailing one lucky affiliate an Amazon gift card as well,” says Stan D'Aman of “So, whether you want to show off your hot new costume or are looking for the next supermodel to promote on your affiliate sites, you can cash in with just a few clicks.”

To be eligible for the gift card prizes, photos must be posted on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by November 1. Winners will be announced on November 3, with emails sent out immediately afterward.

“If you need help watermarking your images, be sure to let us know and we’ll show you how,” Fioriniello concludes. “It’s all part of the fun of working with ModelCentro and another way for us to help everyone have a safe and sexy Halloween.”

The full contest rules are available here.