Taylor Stevens Named Miss iFriends 2017

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Taylor Stevens has been named Miss iFriends 2017 by the live webcam site iFriends.net. The runners-up in the Miss iFriends 2017 contest were Ellen DeRose in second place and Amani Nights in third place.

Stevens said, “I’m so grateful to all my fans for voting and naming me the first-ever Miss iFriends. You always remember your first. iFriends has been my exclusive home since Day One, and this win means so much to me. I want to thank iFriends for providing a wonderful and fun place for me and my relentless fans to call home.”

At one point during the contest, it appeared that DeRose would win first place. But ultimately, it was Stevens who took the top prize.

A spokesperson for iFriends said that the site “recently tallied up votes from its community of over 13.5 million members and thousands of guest voters to find which webcam model was most adored. In the last minutes of the contest, Taylor Stevens inched closer to first place held by top webcam model Ellen DeRose, making the battle to be crowned Miss iFriends all the more exciting. And though it was a tight race, the top finalists weren’t exactly surprising. They were all highly-experienced, dedicated, and beautiful women.”

Stevens took home a prize of $1000, while DeRose took home $500 and Nights took home $250.

According to an iFriends representative, “All three top models also enjoy a celebratory marketing campaign in the run up to the new year, to further boost their popularity and earning potential in 2017.”

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