Adult Performers to Protest Against Prop 60 on Monday

Adult Performers to Protest Against Prop 60 on Monday

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult performers will be marching on the headquarters of Michael Weinstein’s “Yes on Prop 60” campaign headquarters Monday afternoon to demand that the organization he leads, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, stop “attacks on performers, end his dangerous messaging and to debate adult performers about the measure in a public forum.”

Weinstein has so far spent nearly $5 million dollars on his Prop 60 campaign and has refused to meet with working performers about their concerns with the initiative.

If Prop 60 passes, Weinstein — the sole proponent of the initiative — would become a state employee, with near unlimited power to defend the law and pursue violators. Prop 60 gives any resident of California the power to sue adult film performers if a condom isn’t visible in an adult film.

Opponents of Prop 60 say that performers are “angry about a proposition that would give one man near unlimited power to sue and harass them over the films they make.”

“Performers are calling for a public debate with Weinstein, who has thus far refused to meet with them,” opponents say.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee has been circulating a petition asking for a public debate with Weinstein.

“Prop 60 has been opposed by the California Democratic and Republican parties, as well as all seven of the state’s largest newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, dozens of public health and civil rights organizations, over fifty state and local political clubs and thousands of adult film performers. A full list of opposition is available at,” opponents say.

There are nearly 2,000 active performers in California. Mostly all have spoken out publicly against the measure.

Performers are tested every 14 days for a full slate of STIs, including HIV. There has not been an on-set transmission of HIV on a regulated adult set in more than 12 years.