Vendo's Dynamic Pricing App Gets a Facelift

Vendo's Dynamic Pricing App Gets a Facelift

BARCELONA — IPSP payment processor Vendo has released a new version of its dynamic pricing app to the industry.

The app that made its debut at the Phoenix Forum last year has been a big hit and Vendo has given it a facelift. Vendo also has plans to make it more widely available in the coming months.

Vendo developed the app with the goal of educating the industry on how dynamic pricing can make you more money. The new version of the app is more user friendly and faster.

"We wanted to update the app with a more game like feel. Now anyone can see if their current pricing is winning or losing. We want it to be fun while educating users on how they can make more money through dynamic pricing. I think the industry will like the changes and we're looking forward to hearing the feedback," said Thierry Arrondo, Vendo’s managing director.

The updated app has already been released and is available for demos.

To schedule a demo you can contact Vendo at Companies can also check out more information on the app here.