Beate Uhse Launches Tintl Platform in European Countries

AMSTERDAM — Beate Uhse has announced the launch of Tintl, described by a spokesperson as “a new digital platform where consumers can access unlimited erotic movies for a fixed, low price.”

The name that Beate Uhse originally had in mind for Tintl, a representative said, was Sexflix, but they chose the name Tintl instead “due to legal objections by the American business Netflix."

Tintl can be used on televisions, laptops, tablets and smartphones for a monthly price of €9.99.

According to a company representative, “With the launch of Tintl, users can instantly access a selection of more than 1600 movies, exceeding over 3000 hours of erotic viewing pleasure. In due course. the platform will also include the complete Beate Uhse movie catalogue, plus the latest naughty blockbusters from famous studios. Tintl is all about quality, and therefore, only offers premium movies in HD quality from valued brands.”

The Tintl platform, Tintl said, “has an easy user interface and is categorized by genre, enabling consumers to quickly find the content they desire. Movies are not interrupted by commercials and are guaranteed virus-free. Beate Uhse is also planning to release ‘Tintl Originals,’ a premium series exclusively produced for Tintl, only accessible to Tintl subscribers.”

Tintl said that it is based on the “all you can eat” concept used by online streaming services such as Spotify for unlimited music and Netflix for unlimited movies.

“The platform also has the easy in/easy out principle: consumers can sign-up instantly and get the first month for free,” according to Title. “After this, consumers are able to cancel their subscription on a monthly basis.”

Tintl is compatible with Philips Smart TV, Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast. 

Tintl said it is currently in talks with various local and international cable suppliers to enable Tintl streaming via a designated television channel. Tintl is currently operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, and will be going live in other European countries shortly.

Serge Van der Hooft, director of Tintl, said, “If Tintl proves to be the expected success, we might even take it beyond Europe to new markets. A concept like this knows no boundaries.”

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