Portfolio Up For Sale

NEW YORK — Adult fetish company is ready to sell its assets to a stakeholder in the adult entertainment industry, according to a spokesperson.

“The company centers its operation around a turnkey e-commerce site that allows models and producers to create their own studios, then sell their media and tangibles via downloads, without hosting fees and credit card transactions,” a representative said. “What makes this acquisition unique is it also includes a popular Roku channel — also with a subscription page settled through CCBill — three tube sites equipped for mobile streaming, ad revenue, and video grabbing capabilities. And if that isn’t enough, nearly a dozen niche domains.”

“When we launched Clips On Demand in 2013, we did so to offer competitive payouts to fetish models when other platforms were taking a flat 40 percent even when gross sales topped $10,000 a month for some studios,” said Frank Flasch, managing partner of ALSS. “We developed a reasonable payout formula that ensured models would keep more of their earnings with a 35/65 split to start, then maxing out at 25/75 when sales reached the $10,000 threshold each month.”

Partnering with some top-performing fetish models, a spokesperson said, “Clips On Demand got most of its traction in Europe and Asia. Even though they offered more favorable terms than most models were getting anywhere else, U.S. partnerships were not as strong. Like other platforms of its kind, it gives A-list models and porn actresses another pipeline of income to supplement their earnings when not filming — especially if they are not savvy with running a site of their own.”

“Our growth was fueled by creating a Roku channel just as the TV streaming market was heating up,” Flasch said. “Essentially, we became the first fetish company to launch a channel on the Roku platform with Clips On Demand TV. Since Roku does not promote private channels or porn in its channel store, we created the Adult Channel Store on Roku.”, according to a spokesperson, “is another domain in their portfolio with content-rich articles highlighting new adult channels, porn, and features as it pertains to Roku and its media players. It curates the most complete list of Roku adult channels."

Flasch said the team will continue to develop Roku channels for companies looking to broaden their customer base by streaming web content.

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