Courage Campaign, a Leader Among Progressives, Says 'No on 60'

Courage Campaign, a Leader Among Progressives, Says 'No on 60'

LOS ANGELES — The Courage Campaign, a network of 1.3 million California progressives, has taken an “oppose” position on Proposition 60.

The Courage Campaign is an independent, grassroots organization focused on economic justice, human rights, and corporate and political accountability.

The Courage Comment, upon comment, said: “Prop 60 takes the complex regulation of a unique industry and locks it into a rigid structure that could only be adjusted by a subsequent initiative. It also puts the $9 billion adult film industry in the hands of one person -- Michael Weinstein -- the backer of this initiative.

“Performers, who often use screen names, could have their identities and addresses made public, a feature that invades privacy and could lead to harm from stalkers. Courage Campaign staff recommends our members to oppose the initiative.”  

“We’re glad the Courage Campaign saw Prop 60 for what it is,” said Eric Paul Leue, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition. “Proposition 60 is a dangerous, misguided initiative that puts workers in the crosshairs in service of one man’s personal campaign. We ask that other progressives join the fight to defeat the anti-worker, anti-science Proposition 60.”

In addition Courage Campaign, Proposition 60 also has been opposed by the California Democratic Party, California Republican Party, the California Libertarian Party, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, the San Francisco Democratic Party, San Diego County Democratic Party, the San Diego Republican Party, the Santa Clara Democratic Party, the San Mateo Democratic Party, the Sonoma County Democratic Party, the San Francisco Young Democrats, the Los Angeles Young Democrats, the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, the El Cerrito Democratic Club, the Robert F Kennedy Democratic Club, the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, Equality California, San Francisco Medical Society, the Courage Campaign, AIDS Project LA, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the Transgender Law Center and the performer advocacy group APAC, among numerous others.

Over the past month, numerous papers have advocated against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation-sponsored initiative. The San Diego Union-Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Fresno Bee, the Sacramento Bee, the Mercury News, the East Bay Times and the Orange County Register all have urged a “no” vote on the proposition. XBIZ's executive editorial director, in an opinion-editorial this week, also urged a “no” vote on Prop 60.

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