Spiegler: Beware of Fake Recruiter on Twitter

Spiegler: Beware of Fake Recruiter on Twitter

LOS ANGELES — Mark Spiegler is warning that there is a fake Twitter account purporting to represent his Spiegler Girls agency, luring talent with false recruiting claims. 

At press time, the imposter was using the Twitter handle "@CS_Recruitment_" with "Recruitment Team" as its display name, a "No On 60" background and a profile picture advertising "Quantum Ventures," with the following profile description: "Paving the way for new amateur models to make it big in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Based in Calabasas, CA."

It posted a misleading tweet at 11:58 a.m. (PST) on Sept. 17, which reads, "Our recruitment team is working hard to find new and and possible , message us if you're interested." 

Spiegler told XBIZ, "They are trying to 'recruit' talent into the adult business, trading on my good name and have already contacted several models directly. Heck, they even spelled my name wrong — with an 'EI' instead of an 'IE' (although I do own the URL spelled with the 'EI' also)."

The actual Spiegler Girls account is under the Twitter handle "@SpieglerAgency," and is in no way associated with the phoney one. Its official website is SpieglerGirls.com.