Emma Hix and Kenzie Greene in WankzVR's 'Achievement Unlocked'

Emma Hix and Kenzie Greene in WankzVR's 'Achievement Unlocked'

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced its release of “Achievement Unlocked,” featuring Emma Hix, Kenzie Greene and Johnny Nitro.

This scene puts VR users in the shoes of Hix’s boyfriend, who’s obsessed with playing video games to the point where he can’t be bothered by Emma’s attempts at getting his attention.

“This particularly cheeky scenario is all too familiar to frustrated girlfriends everywhere, as boyfriends commonly choose video games over sex,” says Jack from WankzVR. “This carries over into ‘Achievement Unlocked,’ which sees an exasperated Hix finally enlisting the help of her sexy friend, Greene to seduce the VR user with a teen threesome.”

“If my boyfriend ever picked his Xbox over MY box, he can learn how to play with his joystick all by himself,” Hix says. “Like, I play Black Ops every day, but it’s still just video games. If it was VR porn, I would maybe understand. Maybe.”

“I’ve actually watched a few VR porn clips of August Ames and it looked so incredible! That’s why I was super excited to do my first VR scene,” Hix adds. “I feel [that] VR porn will really appeal to people who watch POV porn because VR is the best way to actually have someone feel like they are really there.”

“Achievement Unlocked” is available now.

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