Falcon Studios Premieres 'Wild Weekend, Part 1'

Falcon Studios Premieres 'Wild Weekend, Part 1'

SAN FRANCISCO — FalconStudios.com today announced the premiere of “Wild Weekend, Part 1,” with two scenes arriving today and Friday.

The Tony Dimarco-directed series asks fans to jump onboard with an international group of “horny, hunky” Falcon guys who meet up in the Bay Area for a wild weekend enjoying San Francisco gay pride, summer weather and uninhibited sex.

The first two scenes from the sexual adventure give fans a front-row seat to experience the guys as they arrive in California. Ryan Rose has some impromptu head with Jason Maddox in the first scene; Ken Rodeo and Brute get together in the second scene.

“Wild Weekend, Part 1” DVD and downloads are available at the Falcon Studios Group Store.

"The steamy action in 'Wild Weekend' is made even more intense by the compelling story," Dimarco said. "Lots of questions are raised in the first two scenes. Wesley Woods' character has a big crush on Ryan Rose, but Ryan's character seems more interested in Ken Rodeo and Brute.

"Will Wesley convince Ryan to hook up? Can the Americans prove they are just as sexually liberated as the Europeans? Keep watching to find out what happens next."

"As the new president of Falcon Studios, I wanted our first film to celebrate the studios' Bay Area roots. For so many of us who came of age watching Falcon movies, San Francisco was more than a backdrop, it was a central character. A mythic place where gay sexuality was embraced, and where anything could happen," said Tim Valenti, Falcon Studios Group’s president.

"What better way to summon that feeling then to set our summer blockbuster in the Bay over Pride weekend, a time when handsome men from all over the world arrive for the type of wild weekend that the rest of the country can only dream about."

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