APAG, 424 Local Crew Union Issue Statement Over Court Decision

APAG, 424 Local Crew Union Issue Statement Over Court Decision

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Film Actors Guild (APAG) and 424 Local Crew Union have released an “official statement” in regards to yesterday's court decision over endorsements made for the California ballot pamphlet.

The statement is in relation to a judge’s decision yesterday that the IEAU's apparent endorsement of Proposition 60 be excised from the pamphlet.

The legal controversy brewed after members of the union complained that they had not actually reviewed or voted to take a position on Prop 60.

APAG said its officers, counselors and board members include Sean Michaels,  Alana Evans, Melissa Hill, Amber Lynn, Nicki Hunter, Veronica Vaughn, Ginger Lynn, Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh, Kelly Pierce, Kara Lynn, Tony Tedesci, John Magnum, Bill Margold and Jorge Reano.

424 Local Crew Union said its officers and board members include Shelley Bartolini, Jay Crew, M. Jacobs, Shaun Rivera and Cass Paley. 

Below is a joint statement from APAG and the 424 Local Crew Union relative to yesterday’s decision:

The officers and board members of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) and the 424 Local Crew Union, have been diligently working to remove an untrue statement from AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s rebuttal to Proposition 60. In this statement signed by IEAU Founder Phyllisha Anne support was given to the Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative on behalf of the adult film workers. While IEAU is our founding union, APAG is the guild that represents performers and Local 424 represents the crew workers of the adult industry. Because APAG and 424 Local had not been given the opportunity to vote on a stance regarding the proposition, prior to the signature and filing of the rebuttal, officers and board members of both chapters decided to join the fight against the legitimacy of the rebuttal’s claims.

At a hearing held in Sacramento on Wednesday, Aug. 10, the Californians Against Worker Harassment Campaign, including Free Speech Coalition and the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, submitted declarations and evidence provided by APAG, to remove IEAU's claim of support.  The court ruled that the statement on behalf of workers in the adult film industry was indeed a false endorsement, and would be removed from the rebuttal.

This ruling is a huge victory for the adult performers APAG represents. The officers and board members of APAG and Local 424 are proud they could step up and speak out for their fellow adult industry workers, demanding their voice not be ignored.

Sean Michaels, president of APAG, stated, “Lets continue to refocus and work together as the professionals that we are, to see our union agenda through. We will continue to gain ground and grow in a correct and constructive way.”