Wasteland.com Ranks Top 10 States for Site Memberships

Wasteland.com Ranks Top 10 States for Site Memberships

NEW YORK — Wasteland.com, which recently revealed membership numbers of New Yorkers by region, now has offered a Top 10 U.S. state ranking for the fetish site.

Site owner Colin Rowntree told XBIZ that the list includes the top states with registrations and engagements for the website, starting with the No. 1 state — Vermont.

Over the weekend, Rowntree chimed in with the New York Post on the issue of site registrations in the New York metropolitan region.

The Top 10 U.S. state list from Wasteland.com provided to XBIZ includes commentary from Rowntree.

1. Vermont — “We saw a very significant spike in memberships and social engagement in The Green Mountain State right around the time that Bernie Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton. We suspect a combination of sadism and masochism came into play for ways that Vermonters needed as a way of venting frustration!”

2. New Hampshire — “Drilling down to regions in the Live Free or Die State that have the highest number of members, over 80 percent of them are within 30 miles of the Massachusetts border. Add to that, over 50 percent of residents in that strip moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts (we call them "Mass-holes" here in New Hampshire) and we see that the demographics lead towards liberal views and disposable income — the perfect blend for leading folks into the kinky sex lifestyle!”

3. Minnesota — “The vast majority (96 percent) of members and social engagement in "The Gopher State" hail from the Minneapolis metro region. That comes as no surprise as that is where most of the people live (although we do have one very enthusiastic and active member from Thief River Falls — population 8,716. We're guessing that there simply isn't much in the way of entertainment there!).”

4. Massachusetts — “One would assume that Boston would be the majority of Bay State kinky lifestyle people, but it's not true. A very large percentage (58 percent) are from the North Shore, and most of them in and around Salem, Mass. — the "Witch Capitol of America."  One of the reasons why, is there are so many pagans and wiccans in that area and those religions go hand in hand with BDSM and kinky sex (as well as swinging, polyamory and such that you don't find much of in South Boston!).”

5. Oregon — “The majority of our kinky members in The Beaver State live within 20 miles of Interstate 5 all the way from Portland down to Ashland, but pretty much every other region of Oregon has a vibrant presence on our BDSM sites. The Beaver State — aptly named!"

6. Illinois — "Chicago is the epicenter in the Land of Lincoln, with the No. 2 concentration in Peoria. As the old off-Broadway musical saying goes, ‘If it will play in Peoria, it will play anywhere!’”

7. Maryland — “The major majority of our kinky members (71 percent) in The Old Line State hail from the suburbs of Washington D.C. and, judging from the occasional dot-gov email addresses people use when purchasing memberships, a lot of politicos are also into the darker side of desire when not on Capitol Hill! (Note to folks that do this: There is a cool free service called gmail you should be using when buying kinky porn movies!)”

8. Connecticut — “Surprisingly, the majority of kinksters (67 percent) in the Constitution State live in "The Burys" (Danbury, Glastonbury, Middlebury, Salisbury, Simsbury, Southbury, Waterbury and Woodbury). These affluent towns are known for a clenched-jaw style of speaking (think Katherine Hepburn) and an Equestrian riding culture.  Hey, they already have riding crops — why not put them to other uses?”

9. New York — “The hot spot for kinky members in The Empire State (27 percent) live in, of all places, Staten Island. Known for its working class culture, this fits with our experience that folks in that demographic group indeed are active in exploring their sexuality in all kinds of ways.  Second runner up in New York is Albany (again, that's where all of the politicos are based).”

10. Kansas — “We see that almost all of our kinky members (84 percent) in The Sunflower State are from Topeka, Lawrence and the state line crossing to Kansas City, Mo. For those with a shoe fetish, click your heels three times and say ‘there's no place like home’!”