PussyCash Announces 'The Golden Bars Robbery' Affiliate Promo

PussyCash Announces 'The Golden Bars Robbery' Affiliate Promo

LOS ANGELES — PussyCash has announced the launch of its latest affiliate promo campaign, “The Golden Bars Robbery.”

Beginning today, July 1, and running through December 31, 2016, each affiliate will have access to a virtual “vault” with a value of $10,000.

According to PussyCash’s Shay Efron, when an affiliate earns campaign bonuses based on special targets, those bonuses are taken out of the affiliate’s vault amount.

“So he’s actually able to ‘steal’ from his own vault,” Efron says. “After sending an affiliate to the moon, I guess the industry was waiting for another dazzling campaign from our affiliate program.”

“We’ve stashed away $10,000 in the PussyCash vault, and are challenging our affiliates to steal their way in to get their loot,” says Efron. “They’ll promote the top PussyCash brands, hit their targets and grab those gold bars!”

Those brands include ImLive.com, Supermen.com, FetishGalaxy.com, Shemale.com, CamsCreative.com, and Sexier.com.

The promo provides payouts of up to $100 for every third signup on PC, mobile and tablet, in addition to the PPS payouts, for a total of up to $350 per ImLive sign up.

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