Converts to Token-based Currency System Converts to Token-based Currency System

CAMPBELL, Calif. — Live broadcast site today announced that it has switched from a dollar-based payment system to a token-based currency system. 

All shows and other services will now be displayed and billed based on the token system, according to its parent company, FriendFinder Networks. company officials said that the token system gives members an easier way to track what is in their virtual wallet. 

“Tokens are worth $0.10 each and are kept in the member’s wallet for on demand and future use,” the company said in a release today. “With the universal cams standard of tokens as currency, this will allow anyone who comes to the site and the models to seamlessly cam and interact with one another.”

Steve Hamilton,’s model manager, said that since is a global community, using tokens standardizes the payment so that everyone pays the same number of tokens.

“Members and models are equally enthusiastic about the change, since one of our most popular features is ‘buzzmode’ in which a member can buzz a model’s toy for a minimum of one token,” Hamilton said.

Exclusive model Sophia Locke is particularly excited about this change, noting, “Models love tokens because it feels more fun — it’s almost like a game.” 

Current members with funds already in their virtual wallets will see an automatic conversion to tokens so that there is no interruption in enjoying their favorite cam shows right away, Hamilton said. 

Additionally, members can earn special rewards and incentives as the token system takes off.

For more information on the platform or tokens conversion visit or contact customer service at