Report: U.S. Mobile Usage Doubled in 2015

Report: U.S. Mobile Usage Doubled in 2015

LOS ANGELES — A new report and video is casting light on the phenomenal uptick in American’s mobile internet access, revealing a doubling of this practice in 2015 alone.

It is a usage shift of great interest to digital media marketers and promoters, including those within the highly competitive adult entertainment space.

According to its publisher, the CTIA Annual Wireless Industry Survey develops industry-wide information drawn from operational member and non-member wireless service providers. Conducted since January of 1985, the annual report solicits information that includes employment data, number of cell sites, total service revenues, capital investment and more.

Among its findings, American’s annual wireless data usage skyrocketed from 4.06T to 9.65T megabytes over the past year, helping to drive the market’s more than $192B in annual revenue.

Even with this amazing growth, declines in text messaging were recorded (down from 1.92T to 1.88T), while multimedia messaging rose from ~152B to 218.5B.

The CTIA survey contains information on respondent’s wireless subscriber connections and an estimate of total wireless connections, based on its 97 percent response rate.

“Because not all systems do respond, CTIA develops an estimate of total wireless connections … by determining the identity and character of non-responding markets (e.g., RSA/MSA or equivalent-market designation, age of system, market population), and using surrogate penetration and growth rates applicable to similar, known systems to derive probable subscribership,” explains a CTIA spokesperson. “These numbers are then summed with the reported subscriber connection numbers to reach the total estimated figures … aggregated by an independent accounting firm to a nationwide level.”

While the full report will soon be available for purchase, CTIA offers a preview featuring its year-end 2015 top-line survey results, which is available here.