Elevated X Rolls Out On-Demand Content Store Function

Elevated X Rolls Out On-Demand Content Store Function

LOS ANGELES — Elevated X has announced the addition of an on-demand content store function to its popular adult content management system.

According to Elevated X CEO AJ Hall, as the sales patterns of online content continue to evolve, so do the tools and features of the software itself.

As a result, the company has released the beta version of its On Demand Content Purchasing feature that allows users to operate their own VOD site or online store for selling digital content in a variety of formats including photos, full scenes or video clips.

“We are very excited to be in beta with this. Customers can now purchase in true ‘On Demand’ fashion and pay as they go, or make deposits to load funds in their account and use their balance to purchase content over time,” Hall explains. “These choices allow our clients to offer demand purchasing that works like iTunes for online streaming video rentals, photo gallery access and/or pay per download purchasing of videos and zip files.”

“Rather than mimic the purchasing model common to many adult VOD sites, we wanted to make use of a more familiar, simplified purchasing setup and there’s none more proven than that of iTunes,” Hall adds. “We expect this to be a real game-changer for a large number of content producers.”

On the front-end, paysite customers can now browse trailers and thumbnails for free without having to sign in, and can register new accounts with captcha-protected logins, utilize a clean membership site-like interface while browsing, buy/download and pay for content rental/pay per view, or deposit money into their account to make present and future purchases.

Direct purchasing via CCBill and Epoch are included, as is NATS support, and an API that will allow for custom biller integrations. Tiered billing options can also be set based on formats, content categories and more.

The integration provides complete CCBill one-click purchase support for increased sales.

“If a person has made a purchase already, they don’t even have to re-enter their credit card to make future purchases. With Epoch, if a person has already made a purchase, they only have to put in the security number on the back of their card,” Hall says. “Test biller support is also included and allows testing to be done by purchasing on the live site without going through any specific biller.”

This upgrade to Elevated X is free, and will be included with every new CMS purchase at no charge, with support for up to three stand-alone VOD sites/areas or hybrid membership/VOD sites, or an unlimited number if using the optional mega-pass setup.

“The backend interface allows site operators to view purchases by user and by date, to easily add credits to any person’s account balance, to manage users and password resets, add users, assign billers on a per-user basis, create test accounts, and more,” Hall explains. “We made every effort to keep all of the backend functionality simple and are happy to assist our clients with setup of their on demand areas.”

Hall says that existing Elevated X customers can have the On Demand beta installed on a first-come, first-served basis.