Kay Brandt Opens Auditions for Multiple Roles in 'Forked'

Kay Brandt Opens Auditions for Multiple Roles in 'Forked'

HILLSBOROUGH, NC — Adam & Eve Pictures, the XBIZ Award-winning production division of AdamandEve.com, and XBIZ Award-winning director Kay Brandt, have announced an open audition for their new “Forked” cooking show project, via video submissions.

"I want to choose the host out of the clips, but also the rest of the cast," Brandt told XBIZ. "The clips are just to be considered for the show and there might be recurring roles."

When asked if there would be a central Gordon Ramsay type figure hosting the episodes, Brandt laughed and said, "I'm Gordon Ramsay! And, if it’s a big success, then every episode will have a different host.”

In “Forked,” which is part YouTube series and part X-rated feature, aspiring chefs show off their best recipes before being paired off to demonstrate their erotic skills with one another. Each episode will feature several different recipes/dishes cooked live on the show, with the assistance of the other cast members. It is a tasting and eating party as much as it is a social gathering where everyone gets involved in the process.

Brandt explained, “America can’t seem to get enough of cooking shows right now… and with the added element of sex, it’s the perfect steamy combo! We are looking for adult talent who can really cook in and out of the kitchen — and who are willing to share their favorite recipes with us.”

While not everyone cast in the show needs to cook, all participants must at least have an interest in learning how to cook, have a lively and fun personality and "a sexy attitude."

Audition clips should be funny, informative and show off cooking skills for those who wish to cook on the show. For those who lack cooking skills, but have great personalities and want to be considered, clips can be made showing off whatever basic kitchen skills they have, even if it is just making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A host will be chosen from the clips. The role of the host is to plan the party with Kay, select the dishes and put together the scene partners for when the party turns sexual.

“We are excited to be working with Kay on ‘Forked,’” said Rachel Vigneaux, producer for Adam & Eve Pictures. “This is a different type of project for us, and we’ve been overwhelmed with the response we’ve already received.”

“Forked” will have a stand-alone YouTube channel dedicated to the show and will link to the AdamandEveVOD.comsite, the Adam & Eve YouTube channel, etc. All of the non-sex content — the actual cooking show — will be featured and promoted from the channel. 

“We’re going to eventually put together a whole DVD that will feature all the non-sex and the X-rated stuff,” Brandt told XBIZ.

Interested applicants can send their video cooking clips to Kay Brandt at sublime.madness@gmail.com by May 22. Audition clips should be no longer than two minutes. For more information, contact Adam & Eve's director of public relations Katy Zvolerin at katy@adameve.com or (919) 644-8100, ext. 3121.