GameLink: Anti-Gay Laws in Miss. Reveal Hypocrisy

GameLink: Anti-Gay Laws in Miss. Reveal Hypocrisy

JACKSON, Miss. — The high consumption of gay porn by residents of Mississippi on is in stark contrast with the state’s recently signed anti-gay measures, the adult e-tail website said today in a release.

Mississippi ranks No. 6 in the U.S. for gay porn viewed on

The new Mississippi laws give businesses, and even healthcare providers, the right to refuse service to gay couples based on religious principles. The laws were presented, voted on, and signed in a short 12-hour window on March 24.

“Our user data show Mississippi has been consuming gay and transsexual pornography at a high rate in comparison to the rest of the country,” said representative Jeff Dillon, who is the vice president of business development for GameLink’s parent company,

“It’s unfortunate to see that their diverse viewing habits do not translate into an open-minded society.” said that tn addition to ranking No. 6 in the country in regards to the number of gay porn scenes and movies streamed or purchased via, Mississippi also ranks No. 11 in transsexual porn consumption and No. 7 for incest porn consumption.

Ranked above Mississippi for gay porn consumption in order are New York, California, Ohio, Texas and Florida.

For transsexual porn consumption, states ahead of Mississippi include, in order, California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

Incest porn consumption is higher only in Utah, Michigan, New York, Alaska, Arkansas, and Texas. said the Top 5 movies watched in Mississippi on its site over the last 90 days are “Full Service Transsexuals 18,” “Fathers and Sons #3,” “Bareback Sex Fest,” “Daddy and Me” and “Joey Silvera's Trans-Visions #6.” All titles are categorized in gay, transsexual or incest genres.