CockyBoys Signs Boomer Banks, Casts Him in 'All Saints'

CockyBoys Signs Boomer Banks, Casts Him in 'All Saints'

NEW YORK CITY — CockyBoys CEO Jake Jaxson announced that Boomer Banks will join the cast of "All Saints," the forthcoming follow-up feature to Jaxson's "Answered Prayers," and that Banks has been tapped to become one of the studio's exclusive performers, joining recent additions Carter Dane and Will Wikle.

"I know I have said it many times before, but it's worth repeating today — CockyBoys is more a state of mind than a type," Jaxson said. "We celebrate personality, energy and attitude, and no one represents that more than Boomer Banks.

"To many, Boomer's '10-inch reputation' precedes him, but what I have always loved about him is his unique creative spirit, optimism, ambition, pride and upfront attitude," he continued. "Some time ago, I approached Boomer about designing some of the wardrobe for 'All Saints,' but then I ended up writing a delicious part for him. Since many of his fans are also part of the CockyBoys community, I thought it would be worth pitching him the idea.

"He was sincere and gracious in telling me he wanted to remain at Falcon/Raging Stallion, loyal to the team that helped build him," Jaxson added. "And let me say, that just made me admire him more!"

While at Falcon, Boomer won Grabby Awards for both Performer of the Year and Hottest Cock in his first year nominated, as well as the Swiss Navy Award for Outstanding Performer in both 2014 and 2015. And this year, he is nominated for 6 Grabby Awards including Hottest Top, Most Versatile Performer, Hottest Cock, Best Duo, Best Supporting Actor and Performer of the Year.

Not shy to merge his work as a designer and adult performer, Boomer has been featured in editorials including The New York Times, Paper Magazine, Time Out and The Huffington Post.

Boomer said, "It's time to push new boundaries and flex my art muscle by pairing up as an exclusive model at CockyBoys. Don't get me wrong, you're still gonna get the same hole wrecking you're used to but with new horizons. Light, love, fashion and fucking."

Boomer will be joining the CockyBoys team at this year's CockyCon, held in conjunction with the Grabby Awards taking place Saturday, May 28 in Chicago.

Jaxson remarked, "This year, we will doing CockyCon a little differently than the last — we are creating several different events throughout the weekend, and we will be focusing on presenting and sharing sneak peaks of upcoming projects, and fans will be able to see and hear from both Boomer and Carter Dane about their upcoming roles in 'All Saints.'"

More details regarding CockyCon will be coming soon.