Hustler Goes to Pot as Larry Flynt Invests in Cannabusiness

Hustler Goes to Pot as Larry Flynt Invests in Cannabusiness

LOS ANGELES — The ties between adult entertainment and the legal cannabis trade are deepening as noted First Amendment activist and Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt reportedly made a $100,000 investment in Pineapple Express — a publicly traded cannabis company based in Los Angeles.

According to the company, Pineapple Express provides consulting, technology, investments, turn-key property rentals and branding for the legal cannabis industry.

The business is becoming a family affair, as Larry’s daughter Theresa has served as Pineapple Express’ VP of Business Development since December of 2015.

“Knowing that Mr. Flynt has made an investment in our company provides impetus for everyone at headquarters to surpass expectations and deliver excellent results,” states Pineapple Express CEO Matthew Feinstein. “We look forward building long-term value for Mr. Flynt as well as our other shareholders.”

Flynt has long held that politicians and special interests are ignoring the will of the people.

Flynt says that “pharmaceutical companies don’t want people turning to pot for pain relief because it means they’ll be spending less on prescription pills [and] the alcohol industry doesn’t want the competition, either.”

“With mounting scientific evidence that pot is safer than alcohol, legal marijuana would clearly put a major dent in the booze business’ profits,” Flynt stated. “Private, for-profit prisons only make money if they’re full, and that means locking up weed growers and pot smokers.”

The mix of porn and pot is not as far-fetched as some observers believe, with the two industries facing similar challenges.

“Believe it or not, the challenges are less unique to the cannabis industry and more similar to the adult entertainment industry,” Theresa Flynt told MG Magazine. “The cannabis industry is seeing challenges the adult industry faced a couple decades ago. The laws are changing rapidly, so it’s critical to follow the developments and stay informed.”