Naughty America Unveils 'Randy's Roadstop' VR Series

Naughty America Unveils 'Randy's Roadstop' VR Series

SAN DIEGO — Naughty America has announced the release of its virtual reality series "Randy's Roadstop."

"We are proud to be introducing the very first of its kind VR series, much like a season of TV, this series is centered around Randy, the main character, and a common plot runs throughout each episode,” Naughty America CIO Ian Paul said. “We are proud of this content and know VR fans will enjoy it as they step into the world of "Randy's Roadstop," in stunning Virtual Reality."

"Randy's Roadstop" virtually puts viewers in the shoes — or in this case, cowboy boots — of Randy, a "spittoon spitting bad boy" with a southern drawl who lives off slot machine winnings in the deep desert of the West. Randy's idle time is spent shooting amateur nude photography; however, nude photos isn't all he is after.

"Randy's Roadstop" includes a series of six episodes with an average runtime of 40 minutes per episode. Consumers are able to purchase and own the entire series today for a one-time price.

"While the surface of the VR industry has merely been scratched, we are excited to already be offering such unique, quality content in this new space," Paul added. "At Naughty America, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest production values. 

"Our detailed sets, special lighting, sophisticated multi-camera filming techniques and high quality audio make the viewer think he or she is in the room with the performers, participating, which makes a tremendous difference in the final product," he continued. "And, we’re extremely proud of the performance of our adult actors and actresses in these scenes. We hope our fans love this series as much as we do."