Falcon Edge Releases 'Amped'

Falcon Edge Releases 'Amped'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group today announced the release of Falcon Edge’s new feature, “Amped.”

The new release, now available on DVD and for download from the Falcon Studios Group Store, is directed by Nick Foxx and is touted as a “high-voltage sexual romp powered by six energized hunks.”

“The sexual electricity and raw erotic energy in ‘Amped’ jolts these stunning studs into uninhibited and fiery action,” a studio publicist said. “Tall, athletic studs Ryan Rose and Jacob Peterson power up and turn the amps on super high with a supercharged flip fuck that will have you shooting.

“Brazilian power-bottom Bruno Bernal slurps heavily on Fabio Acconi’s endowment before taking an energized pounding from his meat stick. Hunks Ryan Rose and Rex Cameron engage in a throat-busting 69 that leads to Rex getting drilled by Ryan’s rock-hard cock. Fabio Acconi amps up the wattage on Johnny V’s eager hole and then jolts his wad onto Johnny’s face."

Foxx said: “ ‘Amped’ definitely got its title from the energy I was getting from all the performers on set.”

“Ryan Rose is always a force to be reckoned with when he sees something or someone he wants,” Foxx said. “His two scenes prove that. With Rex Cameron, Ryan was exceptional, and with Jacob Peterson, he was phenomenal, getting Jacob so fired up that he made his topping debut in an intense flip-fuck. Jacob proved himself a sexy bottom but also a supercharged top in this first. Fabio Acconi was a power house. “He just wanted to use his fat slab of meat like a weapon and fuck Johnny V and Bruno Bernal silly. I couldn't have been more ‘Amped’ by the outcome.”

Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti noted, “Nick Foxx is always pushing the envelope, and these six superstars supercharge the steamy action. ‘Amped’ sends megawatts of sexual electricity through all who watch.”

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