Video: VirtuaDolls Debuts Adult VR Game Controller

Video: VirtuaDolls Debuts Adult VR Game Controller

LOS ANGELES — A new Indiegogo project is poised to shake up the adult virtual reality space with the launch of VirtuaDolls’ VR game controller.

In development for more than a year, the VR game controller has evolved through several prototypes into its current form as “an extremely interactive device that makes fantasies real.”

VirtuaDolls spokesperson William Spracklin says the project is so much more than just another adult toy.

“We want to take immersion to the next level and give people the ability to experience whatever their minds can come up with,” Spracklin explains. “The amount of passion that has gone into creating a controller with this level of immersion has been incredible.”

The Xbox- and Steam-compatible controller interfaces with VR headsets and VR porn, with synchronized movements controlled by the content, and by the user. Several internal sleeves featuring a variety of textures are available, allowing users to customize the feel of the device; while a consumer-friendly price point adds to the appeal.

According to Spracklin, a free SDK is in the works, which will allow all developers of adult software, producers of VR porn, and enthusiastic gamers, to create their own fantasies, and to easily incorporate VirtuaDolls into their projects. The SDK features an Unreal Engine plugin, works like a normal controller, and is royalty free for both commercial and noncommercial use.

Planned future enhancements include a Unity3D plugin, a secure streaming VR Porn viewer app and VR Porn synchronization editor, along with support for Mac PCs and mobile devices.

“Each time we were close to a finished product, we decided to add another feature. This added a bit of time and effort but we couldn't help ourselves,” Spracklin says. “The hard work on the controller is over now and we're ready to make this happen.”

A compatible game, Girls of Arcadia, provides an early glimpse into the possibilities provided by the VirtuaDolls VR game controller.

With the working prototypes completed, the CAD files for injection molding finished, and an off-the-shelf microcontroller coupled with a custom PCB for the electronics selected, the company is ready to move on to the production stage.

“We are committed to adapting to the changing VR scene and plan to provide libraries and software for VR headsets in the future,” Spracklin says. “Our project is ready for production. All we need is your help to make it happen!”

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