Lovehoney Launches Sqweel XT for Men

Lovehoney Launches Sqweel XT for Men
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — Lovehoney has reported a successful launch of the Sqweel XT for men, following their exhibition at the ANME Founders Show in L.A. 

The U.S. adult trade show marked the debut of the sex toy manufacturer's Sqweel XT for men, where more than 2,000 units were obtained by distributors and retailers over the course of the show.

“After the success of the Sqweel for women, it was the obvious next step to create a similar toy for men," said Ray Hayes, commercial director of Lovehoney. "The momentum for male sex toys is gathering pace and we’re seeing huge demand for the Sqweel XT already.”

The Sqweel XT features 2 sets of Turbo Tongues — soft and extra firm, which rotate in three powerful speeds and three pulsating patterns to simulate oral sex action. USB rechargeable, the toy offers "the ultimate joy for men on tap."

“2016 is the 'Year of the Male Sex Toy' and it’s about time that men realized what they’ve been missing out on,” Hayes added.

Lovehoney describes the toy's predecessors, the Sqweel 2 and Sqweel Go Oral Sex Simulators for women, as being "among the best-selling oral sex toys on the market."

U.S. customers can book a training session for Sqweel XT and the rest of the Sqweel brand with Lovehoney’s brand development manager, Sabrina Earnshaw, by contacting

Pre-ordering now will ensure delivery in early March. Product videos and images for all of Lovehoney’s core brands can be downloaded from its new trade website at