Entrenue Introduces 'Private Gym' Kegel Exercise Program for Men

Entrenue Introduces 'Private Gym' Kegel Exercise Program for Men

PHOENIX — Entrenue has announced that it has been named the exclusive distributor of Private Gym, the industry’s first exercise program designed specifically to strengthen pelvic floor muscles in men.

Featuring a unique graduated weight system and customized training program, Private Gym allows users to condition the muscles responsible for healthy sexual function and to experience noticeable results.

Developed by a team of urologists, Private Gym is FDA-registered and features a multifaceted workout system that helps users maintain a regular pelvic floor fitness routine with ease.

The core of Private Gym is a series of Kegel exercises supported by a unique weighted ring that, when worn around the penis, lets users increase resistance as their pelvic floor endurance and strength builds. Often associated with women, Kegel exercises are important and beneficial to both sexes and provide a wide range of intimate benefits, from heightened sexual performance to improved urinary health.

And uniquely for men, a strong pelvic floor can promote more powerful orgasms, prevent premature ejaculation, increase rigidity of erections, and even improve ejaculatory control and endurance.

“We are thrilled to exclusively partner with Entrenue to bring the [top] pelvic muscle exercise system for men to the adult pleasure market,” Private Gym CEO David Mandell said. “We exercise all parts of our body but completely neglect the muscles that control our sexual function and performance. With Private Gym, men can now safely and naturally strengthen one of their most important muscle systems.”

With every Private Gym purchase comes a support system that includes an app and DVD with a wide range of workout routines that cater to users’ unique needs. Videos can be viewed anywhere with an Internet connection and offer a private way for users to make their Kegel fitness a top priority.

“Products for men have evolved from a growing trend into an essential product category and men are more interested in their intimate health than ever before,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Sexual performance is one of the most common concerns for men and Private Gym expertly addresses this issue not only with a solution but also with a streamlined fitness plan that’s easy to follow. We anticipate Private Gym becoming one of our best-selling product lines for men.”

For more information or to place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.