Sheri's Ranch: Virtual Reality Won't Impact Brothel Industry

Sheri's Ranch: Virtual Reality Won't Impact Brothel Industry
LAS VEGAS — As legal brothel Sheri's Ranch prepares for a surge in customers from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it is also bracing for the growing threat of VR in the sexual marketplace, as the technology becomes increasingly influential at CES.  
On the official blog of Sheri's Ranch, company spokesperson Jeremy Lemur examined the rising popularity of VR sex. He discusses the front-and-center attention CES is lavishing on the futuristic technology, which has expanded its showroom floor space by 77 percent since last year's event.
"How might this technology affect Nevada’s brothel industry in the next five to ten years?" wrote Lemur. "Since virtual prostitution wouldn’t be illegal or unsafe because the participants aren’t really having sex, will a Nevada brothel’s secure, legal setting and reputation for an STD-free environment become irrelevant in the future world of VR technology?"
While proponents of VR argue that the convenience of simulated sexual satisfaction via holographic 3D porn and teledildonics trumps a personal encounter, Sheri's Ranch regular Marly disagrees. "I think it will take more than a sex simulator to put me out of business, mainly because I offer so much more than sex," she said, maintaining that VR sex cannot replicate human bonding. "We offer real intimacy, not the illusion of intimacy."
"Real sexual relations lead to real relationships with real women," said Red Diamonds, a Sheri's Ranch courtesan. She added that women in her profession can help men enjoy a richer and more satisfying sex life. "Virtual reality couldn't teach a man what I could teach him."
While Sheri's Ranch courtesan Amber Lynn concedes that virtual sex may offer certain advantages over visiting a legal brothel, she asked, "But at what cost? Sex that comes so effortlessly will eventually become passionless and mundane. People will forget how gratifying and exciting a genuine tryst can be."
"Many adult entertainment entities, including Nevada’s brothels, have their eyes keenly focused on CES 2016 as they anxiously await announcements about the latest VR technology that could propel sex-for-money businesses into uncharted territories," wrote Lemur.