Eropartner Now Offering New Mystim Products

Eropartner Now Offering New Mystim Products

LOS ANGELES — Eropartner Distribution has added new Mystim products, including Hector, a bipolar e-stim butt plug, Pubic Enemy, a cock cage with e-stim function, two Spencer wheels and three new e-stim vibrators.

Hector is a bipolar e-stim butt plug with a steel helix body, available in sizes S and L. Its precise grooves are designed for intense anal stimulation and are made of hand-polished medical grade aluminum.

The Extra Spiny Spencer, a monopolar e-stim toy with small wheels that provide gentle to intense stimulation to all body parts, has over 100 spikes spread on five wheels made from steel. Also available is the Spiny Spencer, a one-wheel pinwheel. Both toys are made of 100 percent surgical stainless steel. 

The Pubic Enemy No. 2 is Mystim's cock cage with e-stim function. With the urethral sound and its three conducting surfaces, left, right and under the penis shaft, the user can experience tingles, twitches or pulsations in the intensity desired. The length of Pubic Enemy No. 2 may be individually adjusted in four lengths and the diameter in six different steps, and is available in both gold and silver. Each cock cage comes with a storage case offering sufficient space for a wide range of accessories, as well as a detailed instruction manual in six languages. 

Electric Eric, Sizzling Simon and Trickling Truman are e-stim vibes that provide both vibration and electrical stimulation at once, without the need for a nerve stimulator kit. These vibes can vibrate, tingle and pulsate on their own. Each has two vibration motors: one in the tip and one in the shaft, with eight different programs and five different intensity levels. In addition, the e-stim vibes have a training program to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. The rechargeable vibes are all completely watertight and made of medical-grade platinum silicone. A fully charged e-stim vibe will run for at least three hours. 

“We have been carrying the Mystim collection for a while now, and we have seen an increasing demand for the products," said Mischa Heins, account manager at Eropartner. "We know for a fact that our retail partners have been looking forward to expanding their offering with the new Mystim products, and we are excited about introducing these new products to them."

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