Lovehoney Releases 2015 Holiday Sex Survey

Lovehoney Releases 2015 Holiday Sex Survey
Stephen Yagielowicz

PHILADELPHIA — More than half of American couples would rather ditch the relatives for a day of sex on December 25, according to a new survey released by online adult retailer

According to the company, a total of 59 percent of American women and 50 percent of men say they would love to shut themselves away for a mega sex session, with eight percent of both sexes reporting having done just that — spending the day making love rather than seeing family.

The results come in a new poll of 1,000 Americans and found that Christmas was the sexiest time of the year for 30 percent of Americans, even more so than their summer holiday, cited by 25 percent of the survey’s respondents.

Just over a fifth of couples (22 percent) said they “always” have sex on Christmas Day, while a further 48 percent reported that they sometimes have sex on December 25, with 12 percent reporting that they did it rarely. One in six (17 percent) would never have sex on the big day.

New Year’s Eve was the sexiest day of the whole holiday season, chosen by 43 percent of Americans, followed by Christmas Eve (26 percent) and Christmas Day (11 percent).

Having the relatives around does put a dampener on Christmas sex for half of couples (49 percent), but since Americans love playing sex games at Christmas, nearly a third (31 percent) have taken sexy pictures of their partner on their phones at Christmas and one in seven (14 percent) have had sex with a partner in a Santa costume, while a fifth (19 percent) have made love to Christmas music, and a third (33 percent) have done something naughty at a Christmas party. Six out of ten couples (60 percent) had sex at their parents or in-laws’ house over the holiday period. sex expert Annabelle Knight said that Christmas was the best time of the year for sex — and having relatives staying was no excuse to skip sex.

“No one wants the mother-in-law to hear you have sex, but just because the house is full doesn’t mean that you cannot share some tender moments,” Knight explains. “I think it is brilliant that 60 percent of American couples have had sex at their parents or their in-laws’ home — but you do have to pick your moments.”

“Clearly early mornings can be tricky with the risk of the kids bursting in with their Christmas stockings, but there is no reason why you can’t share some passion last thing at night,” Knight adds. “You may have to adjust your normal routine and adopt a position which isn’t going to get the bed springs clanging. I recommend something a bit more intimate like spooning where you can embrace softly while you make love.”

Knight has her own range of sex toys with, and says that Christmas Eve is definitely the best day for Christmas sex.

“Who doesn’t feel happy and optimistic on December 24. You have all that fun ahead of you and you’re not feeling bloated and about 5lbs heavier from all the excess,” Knight concludes. “It is inevitable that we are all going to slow down a bit sexually as the holiday wears on.” is one of America’s biggest online sex toy retailers and recently launched a new range of powerful Desire sex toys for the post-“Fifty Shades of Grey” generation of couples who have tried simple sex toys and soft bondage items and now want to experiment further with more sophisticated toys.

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