'Library Girl' Kendra Sunderland Now Camming Exclusively on Cams.com

'Library Girl' Kendra Sunderland Now Camming Exclusively on Cams.com

CAMPBELL, Calif. — Just for the holiday season: “Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland is back to camming exclusively on Cams.com.

Cams.com’s announcement today is paired up with one reminding affiliates of the financial benefits — higher conversions during the holidays.   

“Promoting Kendra Sunderland while so many college students are on their own winter break, and looking for ways to stay warm, is the fastest and easiest way to turn every click of your live performance traffic into the maximum amount of cash,” said Scott Thompson, director of product management for FriendFinder Networks’ Cams.com division.

Broadcasting her own signature style of peekaboo theater from the college library of Oregon State University, Sunderland was nicknamed “Library Girl” by her fans and went on to become one of the most recognizable performers in the live adult webcam space.

"The timing really makes so much sense, and Kendra Sunderland is a rare talent when it comes to live webcam content," Thompson said. "Yes, she is beautiful, and so are a lot of other girls. But as anyone in the cam business can tell you, succeeding is so much more about personality than anything else.

“She has a unique way of emotionally connecting with her audience, and her exposure to the entire Cams.com crowd via our platform is putting her at the top of every fan's holiday wish list."

Sunderland said: “I'm really stoked to be working so closely with Cams.com, and the opportunity to become an exclusive model is really important to me."

“It makes the parts of what I do beyond the cam shows themselves so much simpler, which means I can focus on what I'm best at — bringing smiles and joy to the amazing men and women who share their time with me online each day," she said.

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