ModelCentro Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary

ModelCentro Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary

LOS ANGELES — Performer-centric adult CMS platform has announced it is celebrating its second year anniversary.

The ModelCentro platform offers social media integration, affiliate marketing tools, beginners-friendly admin features and more. Models can use the service to run and promote their own paid membership sites, utilizing streamlined functionalities meant to simplify site setup and management.

In addition to programming, ModelCentro includes other features like billing, hosting, a free domain name, a customer support team and content integration.

Models who use ModelCentro not only fully hold rights to their content, brand and domain, but they also have tools to influence their websites, adjust designs, publish or remove content, post updates and communicate with fans. The company reports that more than 7,000 models have joined the platform.

ModelCentro has updated its services over the past two years by providing subscription-based websites with photos, videos, live shows, social media and interactivity, as well messaging and comments. The development team continues to add features like blogs, calendars, improved content controls, tips, locked content functionality, integrations with external apps, affiliate software and other upgrades. 

"It seems like only yesterday that we were announcing ModelCentro's release," said Natalie Pannon, ModelCentro's head sales and marketing manager. "Two years have passed and the amount of models who run websites successfully keeps increasing as the list of new features keeps growing in tune.

"ModelCentro brought on a new vision of the role of performers in this industry, and the values of the brand draw ever more supporters to the endeavor," she added. "I wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday to ModelCentro and congratulate the team that works so hard every day to deliver the platform to whole new levels. I am thrilled to see how the platform grows in the years to come."