Kristen Bjorn, TitanMen Form Content Alliance

Kristen Bjorn, TitanMen Form Content Alliance

LOS ANGELES — Kristen Bjorn and TitanMen on Tuesday announced they have formed a strategic alliance involving the sharing of content between the two gay porn brands. The two brands will each feature the others award-winning content on their respective membership sites at and starting on Nov. 23.

Each website will feature the others content on a biweekly basis over the next several years. The studios both feature mature, muscular and masculine men, with each taking their own twist on the genre.

“I came out to Kristen Bjorn films, they helped form my vision of what gay sex looked like, and left an indelible mark on my sexuality," said Keith Webb, VP and managing partner of TitanMen. “We are so happy and proud to be able to share Kristen Bjorn’s amazing content with our members. Kristen Bjorn films are visually stunning, the men are some of the most handsome in the world, and the sexual energy is thru the roof!”

"TitanMen have set the standard for the gay porn industry for decades," said director Kristen Bjorn. "We are also proud and excited to have the unique opportunity to share a hand-picked assortment of TitanMen’s hot, sexy scenes with the members of“

The alliance kicks off with members seeing “After Hours” on Nov. 23 in which tattooed top TitanMen exclusive George Ce takes control of colleague Felix Barca. members will see “First Time, Part 1" featuring Jake Genesis and Mike Colucci. Jake Genesis takes Mike Collucci out river fishing before things turn erotic.

Affiliates looking to promote the iconic gay brands can sign up at and